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  • American Lives, War and the Quest - An autobiographical narrative by Jan Forbes that combines American history with personal remembrance and carries the themes of service, freedom, conflict and the quest from the first to the last page.
  • Gibble Books - Author Dale Richard "Rick" Gibble's Web site contains published and upcoming novels, read free chapters, book reviews, and the purchase of books.
  • Joan Hall Hovey - A mystery/suspense author, Hovey's Web site content includes photos and information about the author, books, excerpts and short stories, and advice to aspiring writers.
  • Sheri Cooper Sinykin's Place - Homepage of children's book author Sheri Cooper Sinykin, with information for readers about the Magic Attic Club, current books, author appearances, and specially priced and autographed out-of-print novels, plus teacher resources--including writing handouts and class-set book discounts.
  • Voices on the Stair - The official site for Elizabeth Routen's new short story collection. Voice your opinion of the book that has been called "a masterwork." Reviews and samplers are available.