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  • America First Associates - A full service online brokerage firm; $14.95 per trade for market and limit orders; $19.95 for Touch Tone; news; IRA center; mutual funds.
  • Ameritrade - $8 trades; 35 symbol quote lists; news; trade stocks, mutual funds, bonds.
  • Datek Online - $9.99 per online trade, free charts and news, free real time quotes, portfolio updates.
  • DLJ Direct - $20 commissions, DLJ stock research, quotes and news, personal portfolio information.
  • E*Trade - $14.95 Listed, $19.95 Nasdaq, free real time quotes, portfolio manager, e-mail account, news.
  • Fidelity Investments - $25 trades, real time quotes, charts, market news, retirement accounts.
  • Charles Schwab - $29.95 trades, customized stock screening, live events with investment experts, market news, electronic bill payment.
  • Scottrade - $7 per trade, real time quotes, trade history, equity and option trading, profiles.
  • Web St. - $14.95 per trade, free unlimited real time quotes, news.