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  • Clicksure - Assessment and certification of e-commerce businesses to the first internationally relevant and comprehensive quality and security standard. Clicksure checks online merchants against a set of criteria to make you confident when buying online.
  • Merchant Anywhere - Merchant Anywhere allows businesses to accept credit cards from customers via PC Verifier software.
  • Northwind's Maestro Property Management Solutions - Northwind is a global supplier of software and eCommerce solutions to satisfy the requirements of a wide range of 'lodging and hospitality' venues. Designed to handle any size hotel, resort, meeting/conference center and Corporate enterprise, Northwind's Maestro, ResEze and Maestro Enterprise, complete web-enabled suites of PMS, Sales and Catering, Web Reservations, Club/Spa Management and Corporate solutions, are recognized as the multi-platform solutions of choice for progressive and demanding organizations.
  • TrailBreaker - Provides a bridge between content sites and commerce merchants. We educate browsers about specific consumer goods and services and deliver them as qualified buyers to the appropriate merchants.
  • Vistaar - Vistaar is a global B2B infrastructure provider whose vision is to support New Economy companies throughout their life cycle - from start-up through a mature and profitable operating mode.