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  • CarInsuranceQuote.net - Free auto insurance quotes from up to 4 lenders plus advice on how to lower your car insurance rates.
  • Ebix - Insurance portal that meets the insurance needs of both the consumer and the insurance professional; consumers can define their policy coverages and seek competitive quotes from a number of carriers or agents/brokers; allows consumers to compare prices and buy insurance online.
  • Ins-help.com - Provides commercial insurance coverage for the retail, wholesale, service, real estate and construction industries. Market focus within these industries includes apartments, condominiums, shopping centers, industrial parks, mobile home parks, restaurants, hotels/motels, high-rises, medical and office buildings, marinas, manufacturing, malls and property management.
  • Insurance Online at InsWeb - Comparison Shop for all your insurance needs.
  • Pre-Paid Legal Services, Inc. - With the rising need for legal assistance, access to legal counsel is more important now than ever before. Pre-Paid Legal provides a wide range of legal services and plans to suit the needs of most anyone. Have a law firm on retainer for only $26 a month!
  • YouZoom - Lets consumers compare rates and policy options from leading insurance companies and then immediately purchase policies online at an agent's Web site.