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  • ArbitrationSucks.com - Information on arbitration in general and how corporations abuse arbitration to deprive consumers of their rights and justice.
  • America's LawLinks - An Internet portal for the legal profession; designed to enable the legal community to more efficiently navigate the Web relative to legal issues and topics.
  • Class Action Litigation Information - Provides a useful legal research source for attorneys; it is also maintained as a free service to assist the public in understanding class action litigation, government, and the legal system.
  • LawInfo.com - An Internet legal information resource for attorneys, legal support services and the public alike; services the needs of the legal profession for Web site design, hosting, research, technology, office management and marketing solutions as well as the public's need for competent legal representation, information and assistance.
  • Lawoffice.com - Helps businesses, professionals and consumers navigate through legal issues that affect their professional and personal lives; some legal topics covered are commercial, taxation, bankruptcy, real estate, intellectual property law, and estate planning.
  • Martindale-Hubbell Profession - The first online directory of professional legal staff members such as law librarians, law firm administrators and marketing professionals; the Professional Legal Staff Directory is a searchable database that contains more than 1,800 biographies of legal professionals.
  • Oceana Publications, Inc. - Comprehensive web site of international legal information. Only full text searchable database of every US treaty since the 18th Century as well as New York Ethics and Tax Treaties of the World.
  • SpeedingTicket.net - The purpose of this site is to easily and conveniently link traffic defendants and personal injury plaintiffs from all over the USA with lawyers in the county where they received their traffic citation or had an accident.