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  • Allied R&D - A provider of real-time e-business solutions for manufacturers, distributors, auctions and e-marketplaces. HostConnect provides companies with real-time B2B or B2C integrated electronic commerce solutions. Web-based access to core business processes are rapidly and efficiently provided to customers, vendors, business partners and employees.
  • Pro Maintainer - A computerized maintenance management system for small to medium-sized industrial plants, facilities and contract maintenance firms. Pro Maintainer is a cost-effective way to reduce MRO costs and minimize equipment downtime.
  • Radcliffe Systems Inc. - Develops supply chain execution systems, specializing in warehouse and transportation management software that includes an application service provider (ASP) option.
  • TriVium Systems, Inc. - Provides customer relationship management (CRM) software, and call management software. The company is building eCRM solutions for medium to small size business entities. Their products focus on the convergence of voice and data in the emerging eCRM world. They will integrate all your business communications channels, to a graphical business process workflow editor, delivering work items to your sales/marketing/support personnel.
  • VersaDev - VersaDev's intraDev is a comprehensive and cost-effective intranet solution with server-centered technology that enables companies to easily retrieve, search, filter, publish/share and manage Web/intranet information. It is flexible enough to meet your business needs but is scalable so that is also grows with your business.