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  • Jchat - Quality chat software for a Web site; some features include whisper to send private messages, send Web page pop-up on another client's browser, profiles, and word filters.
  • eCircles.com - Online community site that enables your real-life circles of friends to share and interact on the Web; create private circles and invite your friends to join you there to exchange photos, hold discussions, play games, and plan group activities.
  • Get Gooey - When you land on a Web site, you're not alone - Gooey, a new hybrid chat-Web service, shows you who else is there so that you can strike up a chat.
  • Talk City - The Internet's leading community site, Talk City features a diverse range of quality chat topics.
  • Yack! - A comprehensive guide to live Internet events and chats including cybercasts, chats, streaming audio and streaming video broadcasts; up-to-the minute listings of interactive events; find out what's going on in real time.