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  • emailabuse.org - The e-mail users' resource for fighting spam and protecting themselves from becoming victims; offers users the ability to learn how to avoid infection by the latest e-mail virus, report incidents of fraud and unsolicited commercial e-mail and to proect their internet and email privacy.
  • EmailAnyone.com - Now anyone can receive email whether online or not; e-mail is sent to www.emailanyone.com where it is converted to a hardcopy postcard and mailed out to the recipient; the charge for this service is 33 cents.
  • fancEmail.com - Provides free web based graphical E-mail and E-mail greeting services.
  • FaxPC.com - Offers subscribers a free personal fax number and free usage of that number so they can receive private faxes to their own e-mail account.
  • GoMo Mail - An alternative, interactive application that transforms text-based communications with an array of self-expressive characters, images, animation, textures and sounds; GoMo Mail lets users draw and paint; add pictures, backgrounds and cool animations; link to URLs and even insert a whole range of different sounds.
  • NEXOR - Provides organizations with reliable and sophisticated methods for managing and securing their electronic communications. NEXOR’s products address the resulting issues of: automated intelligent email routing, security and reliability of communications, protection of mission critical information, virus scanning and prevention, junk e-mail identification and prevention.