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  • Free Disk Space - Gives 25 megabytes of free space on its Web site to anyone who subscribes for free; provides great solutions for sharing files, backing up files, secure file access and a great alternative to using floppies.
  • MyMP3Storage.com - Music fans can now store their newly acquired MP3 files, retrieve them from anywhere, and share their files with friends; you can store up to 50 megabytes of MP3 files free of charge.
  • NetLockers Network - NetLockers is a Web-based file storage and delivery service that allows customers to store files securely online, making them accessible anytime, anywhere on the Internet.
  • Up!Lot - Provides a virtual PC for users to store, edit, and share their files in a secure location on the Web; users can create and edit text and html files online; send files to other users, zip and unzip files online and more.