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  • Cyber Greetings - In addition to electronic greetings cards, now you can send voice greetings cards; the recording is done seamlessly from the browser; download the plug-in to begin using the Record and Play buttons.
  • EchoBuzz - A voicemail service for teens that incorporates the elements of chat and email all via the traditional telephone. Subscribers can send, retrieve, forward, save and reply to messages; set up group distribution lists for broadcast messaging, and record a personal greeting.
  • MediaRing.com - Download MediaRing VoizMail; allows Internet users to record a personal voice message and send it to anyone with an email address.
  • MessageBay - Developer of Voice over IP products and services; Web based recording technology allows voice to be added to greeting card sites, photo albums, internet personals, discussion groups, and email providers.
  • RocketTalk - Free Internet voice message system, allows a user to send a voice message to RocketTalk users and anyone with an email account, any email account.