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  • Active Worlds - Build your own virtual home in Cyberspace and chat with friends, shop online in our own 3D virtual mall, explore over 300 worlds, own land and build anything.
  • Blaxxun Interactive - Blaxxun Contact is a multimedia communication client offering 3D support for VRML, chat, avatars, message boards, trading.
  • Cybertown - A community of Colonies where you can build your own virutal home in 2D and 3D and interact in the community with others in virtual reality using avatars; you get your own private chat, message center, 3D VR home and ways to decorate it.
  • Microsoft V-Chat - Interactive online chat software that allow an avatar to enter 3D worlds.
  • Onlive Traveler - Chat program for exploring 3D virtual communities using your own voice through animated avatars.
  • The Palace - Visual chat software that lets you communicate intereactively online, create personalized avatars, express yourself with sounds, space, movements as well as text.
  • Worlds, Inc. - Browser is an interactive tool for exploring Worlds' 3D multi-user Web-of-Worlds.