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  • ADAM.com Children's Health - Learn more about childhood disease prevention, specific illnesses and diseases, pediatric development and behavior, prenatal and newborn care, eating and nutrition, genetics, and parenting tips.
  • Attention Deficit Disorder Focus - Info on attention deficit hyperactivity disorder - ADHD - including diagnosis, medication, alternative treatment, classroom management and parent education. Provides comprehensive information and practical suggestions from Child Development Institute.
  • Child Development Institute - Information for parents on child development, parenting, child psychology, teenagers, health, safety and learning disabilities including attention deficit disorder and dyslexia. Contains full articles, practical solutions, research, news, discussion and store of useful books and tapes.
  • Innovative Publishing, Inc. - Safety publications for children provided by businesses and organizations that care. Available online are the Crime Prevention Digest, Childrens' Drug Safety Manual, and the Childrens' Fire Prevention Handbook.
  • MyKidsDoctor.com - Children don't get sick only during business hours. To help their parents gain access to important medical information 24 hours a day, the U.S.' largest pediatric healthcare services company has developed the nation's first personalized pediatric Web site.
  • Teen Cafe - A cyberspace haven for teenage boys with hemophilia; the site encourages boys to explore and interact with their world; play Island Odyssey, a real time, interactive, multi-user strategy game using Shockwave.
  • Your Child's Health - A public web site dedicated to the health and wellness of mothers, newborns, and children.