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  • AboutSmiles.com - AboutSmiles talks about dental development, offers tips on managing harmful diet habits, pacifier and digit habits, brushing, deciding if braces and your child is a good match, and provides pictures to help parents understand what's happening for their children.
  • DentistryOnline.com - Offers consumers a wealth of dental information; allows patients to gain control of their dental experience, and in the process, ease their anxiety; browse the most comprehensive dental directory available online.
  • Floss.com - Floss.com is a New York based oral health care internet site focusing on providing comprehensive and up-to-date dental information and access to dental products and services for the general consumer.
  • webDentistry - A well-organized resource of directories, libraries, and databases pertaining to dentistry. WebDentistry also provides directories of dental equipment suppliers, manufacturers, liquidators and refurbishers.