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  • Cembex Care Solutions - Cembex is a company based around network and software development to eliminate paper medical records in the health care industry.
  • HealthAllies.com - Uses the Internet to provide consumers with access to the same cost savings techniques, tools, resources and market power the insurance companies have traditionally employed to negotiate lower costs, while closing the gap that currently exists between businesses and consumers.
  • Medex Management - A full service healthcare management consulting and executive recruiting firm recognized as a leader in provisioning Medicare and Medicaid electronic billing services, accounting, financial statement and other services.
  • PrivaComp - Serves as agent of the health care consumer, allowing patients to exercise their right to access personal medical data and, if desired, to store it in a secure, trusted online "vault". Allows health care businesses to manage their legal and ethical responsibilities for information security, privacy, confidentiality and rights-of-access for their patients.