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  • AnyStudent.com - Provider of Web services for college students. Featured services include textbook comparison shopper, college Web site search, local college information, and a student directory.
  • Edu.com - Online shopping service exclusively for verified college students; product categories include computers, peripherals, software, textbooks, publications, bank services and credit cards; valid student identification is mandatory for purchases.
  • Ironminds.com - A daily online content network with news and commentary targeting college students.
  • NewsU.com - Provides college students with the opportunity to create news by writing articles, stories and letters, then submitting them for review and publication to the site.
  • OnTap.com - Provides students with the tools they need to successfully navigate their way through college; peer generated information on sports, travel, social events, entertainment and campus living, expressed in a fresh, off-beat and informative style.
  • PowerStudents.com - Provides vital information on academics, admissions, and student life to high school, college, graduate, and career-seeking students; features range from comprehensive scholarship and job databases and searchable college profiles to the private diaries of college students; forums and advice columns.
  • Review.com - Provides online access to APPLY!, an electronic college application product; offers high school seniors an easy, convenient way to search for colleges, fill out the applications, visit the schools without leaving the computer, find financial aid and scholarship information.
  • WeAlumni.com - Has successfully built the largest gated internet community for fraternal organizations. Gives fraternity, sorority, and collegiate alumni organizations a more efficient way of reaching their members - saving both time and money.
  • Zilo.com - Under the banner "College at High Speed," Zilo was created to offer the college market a wide range of high bandwidth rich media, including live events, original television productions, and content developed exclusively for the online community.