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  • Ancestry.com - Diverse collection of high-quality databases and reference materials for tracing family history whether you are a professional genealogist or a hobbyist.
  • Coat of Arms 4 U - by Booth - Specializing in family surname coat of arms, marriage coat of arms, international/civic coat of arms, Scottish and Irish clan coat of arms, tartans, and badge crests.
  • Honoring our Ancestors - Megan Smolenyak is a genealogist and author of the book, In Search of Our Ancestors, companion book to the PBS Ancestors series. The site is designed to provide grants for genealogical initiatives and to reunite stray ancestral photos and memorabilia with their families or origin.
  • LivingHeirs.com - Web site designed to help descendants of Holocaust victims trace their lineage to names included on asset lists and registries created during World War II.
  • RootsWeb - Sponsors the largest volunteer genealogy projects on the Web. The site offers tools for both serious researchers and those just dabbling in genealogy.