New Sites on the Web from Week of October 16, 2000

  1. - A free downloadable Music Companion that delivers album art, news, concert information, related artist links, commerce opportunities and more -- automatically personalized for each individual based on the music they listen to. Works with your favorite player and the music you already have.
  2. - An online English language instruction site committed to pioneering Web-based English language instruction and helping students achieve their goals through communicating in English. Try the pronunciation tool that combines audio and video components, allowing the student to both hear and see the correct pronuciation of a sound or word.
  3. Bijou Cafe - An online independent film site - the first Dot-com to distribute a feature film in the theatrical marketplace.
  4. - Offers a searchable database dedicated to small-ship travel. The site lists only ships with a capacity of fewer than 200 passengers. Visitors can search for cruises by region, destination, departure date, trip length, price range, ship capacity, or activities.
  5. - The first electronic book publisher to offer contemporary fiction and non-fiction books, newspapers, and magazines for reading on handheld computers including the Palm Organizer, Handspring Visor, and Pocket PC machines.
  6. - One of the Internet’s leading entertainment companies, reaching more than one million worldwide users each month with its lively, provocative mix of celebrity guests and high-profile hosts. From its studios in Manhattan, Los Angeles, and San Jose, the network powerhouse features three channels – Entertainment, Sports, and Health & Fitness – showcasing 46 shows and more than 240 hours of live, original programming each week.
  7. - An online distributor of Baby Strollers, Jogging Strollers, and Bicycle Trailers in the U.S and around the world.
  8. - An on-line party superstore for high quality branded and one-of-a-kind party supplies for all occasions. Offers visitors access to more than 10,000 all-occasion party products and decorations priced at 40% below retail, plus free party-planning advice, tips and creative ideas.
  9. - Offers custom designed and printed business cards, letterhead, envelopes and postcards, personalized holiday cards and gift tags. Customized full-color high-quality holiday cards are available in quantities of 50, 100 or 200.
  10. - Skiers and snowboarders will have online access to a broad array of competitively priced alpine skis and snowboards from outdoor lifestyle retailer Offers more than 375 top gear and apparel brands, combined with active travel services and informative, inspirational content, including trip planning, an online magazine with adventure articles and photo galleries.
  11. enFashion - Most advanced 3-D simulation technology will enable consumers to virtually try on clothes over the Internet, decreasing online returns. Shoppers will see how they will look in a selected garment, as well as how the garment fits. A personal virtual model comprised of over 20 precise measurements, along with a color-coded feature to alert shoppers of loose and tight areas in clothing.
  12. FREETRADEZ.COM - The home of the Investor's Advocate, the revolutionary online stock brokerage that delivers commission-free equity trades as well as customer service, investor research and education of exceptional quality. All trading is free of commissions.
  13. DigiScents - The company has developed a complete hardware and software platform for incorporating scent into all forms of media, including interactive games, movies and music, Web sites, e-commerce, advertising, and educational software.
  14. - Covers many facets of entertainment including original movie and music reviews, movie trailers, and the latest entertainment news. Also working with colleges and universities to showcase young and upcoming moviemakers.
  15. Ben & Jerry's - Ben & Jerry's web heads have been working the graveyard shift to deliver boo!-coup tricks, treats, tips and Halloween links guaranteed to keep you up nights. Our faves: a Virtual Haunted House and Mausoleum that transport visitors to a truly tricky "Whack-A-Ghoul" Game, a spirited drum-riffin' skeleton, and a wise-crackin' crystal ball.
  16. Wednesday's Child - As part of their nationwide efforts to find homes for foster children in immediate need of adoptive families, the Freddie Mac Foundation and the National Adoption Center (NAC) have launched a national Wednesday's Child website. The children featured on the website are those who appear on Foundation-sponsored Wednesday's Child weekly television segments, currently running in Washington, DC, Chicago, New York City, Los Angeles, and Dallas.
  17. - A flexible and innovative model for online organizational and career development, not only delivers comprehensive assessments of organizational issues including communication, compensation, leadership, etc., it also offers a wide range of resources to address specific issues identified by the assessments.

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