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New Sites on the Web from Week of September 13, 2004

  1. Playlist - A resource for digital music enthusisasts using a Mac or Windows operating systems. PlaylistMag.com will feature free music downloads, playlists from musicians and celebrities, and a community forum where users can share their tips, tricks and even their own playlists with other digital music fans.
  2. XM Radio Online - XM Radio Online, an Internet music service, will debut in early October. XM Radio Online subscribers will be able to listen to its commercial-free music channels and other XM content over the Internet for a monthly fee of $ 7.99. XM Satellite Radio subscribers will receive a discounted rate for XM Radio Online of $3.99 a month.
  3. The Body Shop - The site targets women aged 25 to 44 and offers hundreds of naturally-inspired bath, body, skin care, fragrance, and cosmetics products including a new range of hair care products. Consumers are able to consult an ingredient glossary that allows them to understand product benefits and find products by ingredient.
  4. Mountain Dew Pitch Black - A limited-edition Mountain Dew with a blast of black grape that will only be available through Halloween, consumers are given control of a virtual flashlight they can use to find their way through an online haunted house. Visitors can direct the flashlight with their mouse and discover various ghouls, spiders, and other surprises.
  5. Firefox - Another version of the Firefox Web browser was released by the Mozilla Foundation, the open-source offspring of developers who worked with Netscape Communications. The "preview" version of Firefox 1.0 includes features that are expected in the final release, due out later this year. Among them are a built-in newsreader for RSS (Really Simple Syndication) feeds and greater compatibility with Web sites built for display by Microsoft's Internet Explorer browser.
  6. Sears.com - Sears, Roebuck & Co. began selling clothing, towels, bedspreads and thousands of other apparel and home furnishing items on its Web site. Apparel shoppers can use "My Virtual Model" technology to envision clothing on themselves or furnish a virtual room with floor coverings, bedding and window treatments. Sears.com has plans in the coming months to give customers the ability to design their ideal kitchens complete with Kenmore appliances or their garages with Craftsman tools and storage products.
  7. AuthenticSportsCollectibles.com - An authorized dealer of authentic autographed sports memorabilia of the past and current superstars of baseball, football, basketball, hockey, and boxing. Autographed collectibles include jerseys, photos, baseballs, bats, autographed footballs, basketballs, signed hockey sticks, and pucks, plus limited-edition sports autograph collectibles.
  8. BBC Motion Gallery - A Web site with a core collection of some 10,000 moving images from which media professionals around the world will be able to search and license clips for a wide variety of uses - from corporate videos, advertising, TV, and feature films. A search engine and project management tools allow users to access relevant content and collaborate with colleagues.

New Sites on the Web from Week of August 16, 2004

  1. CSE HTML Validator Lite - Completely free web developer tool for Microsoft Windows that is used to identify HTML syntax errors and other problems that can cause visitors to leave a website. It supports the latest HTML, XHTML, and CSS specifications and includes support for browser extensions.
  2. Deskpops Interactive Wallpaper - Videogame and computer enthusiasts can now keep up with the latest tech news, gaming previews, cheats and more with Deskpops Interactive Wallpaper. Unlike ordinary desktop wallpaper, Deskpops Interactive Wallpaper is embedded with regularly-updated headlines. Just a click to a headline opens the story in the user's browser.
  3. BidCents.com - An auction site that in order to attract and keep buyers, all new members are given cash for joining. That money can be used to help buy any item on sale. Then, when they buy something, buyers are given a generous cash rebate which they can use for their next purchase. That encourages buyers to keep shopping on the site. BidCents.com is also offering incentives for sellers to start the ball rolling. All listing fees are currently zero and a cash prize is offered for listing items this month.
  4. Fuseboard - Fuseboard exists to provide a platform for artists, across all musical backgrounds, experiences and genres, to expand their music through collaboration and networking with other artists. Fuseboard provides a toolbox of useful products, services and features to allow members to feature their music to artists and consumers, to expand and refine their sound and to benefit from the sounds, techniques and musical designs of other artists.
  5. 4Sitters.com - Helps you find a babysitter service provider as well as a nanny, pet sitting provider, tutor, home daycare service and house sitter. We offer an advanced online sitter service for parents and pet owners to help find a babysitter service provider, pet sitting service, tutor, home sitter, nanny, home daycare service, or child care provider anywhere in the world.

New Sites on the Web from Week of August 9, 2004

  1. BlockBuster - Blockbuster has jumped into the DVD rental business with a Web-based service. "The Movie Store At Your Door" offers customers three movies a month for $19.99.
  2. ThreeCellPhone - Here you can find brand name wireless accessories to customize your cell phone. Wide range of mobile phone covers, antennas, cell phone batteries, hands free car kit, faceplates, cell phone chargers, cell phone cases leather cases and flashing accessories.
  3. MemVideo - A new Wireless Internet service, MemVideo (TM) , helps Movie lovers track the movies they've seen and keep the memories fresh. They can access their private video information by Internet or by Mobile phone anytime, anywhere.
  4. Bare Necessities - JLo Lingerie by Jennifer Lopez, a lifestyle collection which includes bras, panties, loungewear and sleepwear.

New Sites on the Web from Week of July 26, 2004

  1. AnythingWeather - The new website utilizes AnythingWeather's exclusive database technology that allows for real-time data collection, archival, dissemination, and on-line display for every weather station in the database. The website currently collects data from more than 10,000 locations around the United States and the world. In addition to the standard NWS airport reporting sites, AnythingWeather collects data from city, county and state government weather networks, university-operated mesonets, television and radio station weather networks, and most importantly, personal weather stations (PWS).
  2. Best Buy Fantasy Football - The free site features a fantasy football game with a chance to win more than $20,000 each week in consumer electronics and entertainment prizes from Best Buy. Registration and team selection for the program begin August 1, 2004 at with official competition beginning September 9, 2004.
  3. DealHelper.com - Enables consumers to receive popular software on the Web for free; in return they agree to view occasional ads with information targeted for them.
  4. MSNBC Newsbot - MSNBC.com Newsbot is the latest collaborative offering from Microsoft Corp. and NBC News. The Web site delivers headlines in seven different categories of news and information, and offers consumers suggested news stories based on what they have read previously. It also provides readers with recommended links to the hottest news stories at any given hour.
  5. Advert Channel - The Advert Channel’ will feature a combination of classic commercials from the 60s, 70s, 80s, 90s and today – plus live studio discussions and debates on the world of advertising, and behind the scenes documentaries on the filming of top commercials.
  6. Bolt Media - The newly redesigned site is designed to enhance the dialogue among Bolt's members and marketers through focused editorial content, more versatile functionality and enhanced advertising opportunities. Bolt is a media company that brings together 3 million high school and college kids each month at Bolt.com. They share photos and blogs, exchange gaming tips and movie reviews.
  7. Voices of Civil Rights - Features a searchable archive of personal stories, articles on contemporary civil rights issues, and project updates. Links to an interactive Bus Tour blog will allow visitors to track the tour day-to-day through photos, videos, and journal entries in honor of tens of thousands of Americans who confronted discrimination and resistance during The Freedom Rides of the 1960's.
  8. Butterbean Trading Company - A direct-to-consumer provider of distinctive home goods focused on the Southern lifestyle. Consumers can access Butterbean Trading Co.'s collection of unique decorative items, furniture, home accents and more through through the e-commerce website.

New Sites on the Web from Week of June 28, 2004

  1. Manufactured Homes Today - Makes your search for a new home easy. View entire listings or personalize your search by setting your own criteria including location, number of bedrooms and bathrooms, school district, type of community, site rent, type of loan, price range and more. The listings, which are updated daily, feature color photos and detailed descriptions.
  2. Great Lakes Forever - Provides information about the Great Lakes ecosystem, threats to the Lakes' health and helpful tips.
  3. AttractONE - An online dating Web site that includes unique audio-video chatrooms, offers a better way to meet, chat and really see potential dates -- in group audio/video chatrooms.
  4. Amplify - A solution to the problem of organizing the Web. The free service, which launched Monday morning, lets users copy portions of Web sites and paste them into a page, creating a kind of collage of information. The elements can be photos, text, audio and video. The resulting pages are called Amps, and can be e-mailed. Users can store vacation options, car prices, or hotel choices in one place.

New Sites on the Web from Week of June 21, 2004

  1. Peerio444 - Official launch site of the Peerio444 Open Project. Peerio444 is a multilevel project for the benefit of individual PC users and software developers wishing to take advantage of P2P VoIP technology. Peerio444 is not just free ready-to-use P2P VoIP client software, it is enabling software that gives everyone the chance to benefit from P2P telephony and take part in the growth of worldwide P2P communication.
  2. My5minutes.com - An online community that allows people to upload and download videos for free. They have announced the addition of an RSS feed and the ability to add the RSS feed to My Yahoo!(TM) with just a couple of clicks. There are more than 1400 videos in 66 categories, including automotive, anime, commercials, martial arts, movie trailers, and sports. Videos range from family vacations, happy birthday songs to away soldiers, amateur videos from aspiring moving makers, and 2004 Presidential campaign commercials.
  3. Laura's Lifestyle - A leading food company featuring frozen meals for the carbohydrate conscious consumer. The new and improved site is a fun, interactive and informative resource for people interested in learning more about living a carbohydrate conscious lifestyle, reading news about the low-carb craze and obtaining information about Laura's Lifestyle products.
  4. FlyingPhoto - A complete photo management solution that allows you to preserve photos and their stories on a PC and to share them as impressive slideshows on the web. With FlyingPhoto you can share stories, not just snapshots; full-screen web slideshows with background music; print and download high-quality copies for free; and your friends don't have to register.
  5. TributeDirect - Offers a full range of funeral and cremation products and services. On-site hospice trained counselors help families make arrangements and purchase caskets and monuments from their homes. The company projects that its products can save consumers up to 70 percent compared with funeral home prices.

New Sites on the Web from Week of June 14, 2004

  1. MZTV Museum of Television - The MZTV Museum seeks to explore and preserve the physical instruments of Television History. Whereas all other North American Museums of Broadcasting feature television programs, the MZTV Museum is unique in Canada and features the History of the Technology as well as the sets themselves, together with related ephemera. Its mandate is to protect, preserve, and exhibit the world's most comprehensive collection of North American television receivers, for the fifty-year period from the 1920s to the 1970s.
  2. STARZ! Ticket on Real Movies - RealNetworks(R), Inc. and Starz Encore Group LLC announced the immediate availability of the first premium subscription movie service delivered over high-speed broadband connections to PCs. Offering major, recently released motion pictures, the service, called STARZ! Ticket on Real Movies, is available at movies.real.com or www.starz.com . STARZ! Ticket on Real Movies gives subscribers unlimited access to a rotating library of premium, major motion pictures for only $12.95 per month.
  3. germanyinNYC.org - The German-American Community Project, Inc. announces the launch of a colorful, events-centric website that brings together the variety of German events, locations and points of interest in metro New York. The site's offerings - from funky and eclectic to historic and traditional - are designed to serve the area's ever-expanding German-interest community.
  4. The Relaxation Store - One stop shopping site for those in need of outdoor leisure and necessities. Hammocks, Mosquito netting, Gazebos, Screen rooms, Outdoor furniture, Umbrellas, SkeeterVac Mosquito Killers, and outdoor heaters are just a few of the new items that are now available.

New Sites on the Web from Week of June 7, 2004

  1. Map24.com - A free online mapmaking tool that provides individuals and businesses on-line maps and door-to-door directions. The launch of the new Internet site brings the very popular European based Map24 brand to North America with easy-to-use maps, detailed driving directions, at Internet speeds that are many times faster than other North American map sites.
  2. American Cancer Society - The American Cancer Society today launched a new Web site which allows participants of fun runs, triathlons, bike races, marathons and other events to support the fight against cancer. The Team ACS Web site provides a free, easy-to-use online tool that encourages participants of a variety of events to raise awareness and secure online donations to support the lifesaving work of the American Cancer Society.
  3. PrizeWise - A new site which sells coupons, with an option offered to purchasers to receive tickets to enter sweepstakes contests on the website. The value of the sweepstakes is now well over $10,000,000. The public is invited to browse the website without obligation.
  4. HMRtrucks.com - Provides Hummer enthusiasts a home from which they can communicate with other Hummer owners. The new site is the best way for Hummer enthusiasts to find out about new products, customizing tips and techniques, all in one location. The site also contains how-to articles and features on member owned and customized Hummers that inspire new ideas and continues to attract new members.
  5. USA 101 - Provides a growing community with an impartial and open forum to convey diverse views of America and what it means to be an American at this point in history.
  6. America Needs Dirt - Because of the importance placed on children playing outside, having fun and learning important life lessons, baseball legend Cal Ripken Jr. is lending his voice to "America Needs Dirt," a national public outreach campaign launched nationally in May. In addition to Ripken's involvement, Wisk Laundry Detergent has now jumped on board, making it possible to kick-off community programs that give parents information about the benefits of playing outdoors and share tips on how to get children off the sofa and outside into the dirt.
  7. Sober.com - Sober.com just released a new Internet-based service called Sobersystems, which will serve as sort of an online sponsor for rehabilitating drug and alcohol users. The program also offers treatment services related to supportive housing and mental health counseling.

New Sites on the Web from Week of June 1, 2004

  1. Family Motion - The latest in a series of Web video products to unspool under the Disney Internet Group banner. Original video content in segments ranging from 60 to 120 seconds will focus on family craft projects, recipes, travel, and weekend activities. FamilyFun TV inventory will be packaged with other rich media ad opportunities and sponsorships. The group's "Motion" approach involves a caching technology that enables the entertainment giant to push video to consumers for an experience similar to watching TV. The technology automatically launches full-motion video clips ranging from one to three minutes long.
  2. Smiles Coffee - Smiles Coffee announced that it has completed testing and development of Smiles Coffee Plus(TM), a new product that offers both great taste and health benefits. Smiles Coffee Plus is the first coffee introduced to the market with patented technology behind it that provides the consumer with not only a super fresh cup of gourmet coffee, but a cup of coffee that is loaded with antioxidants. Antioxidants fight free radicals in the body and are considered by many doctors and scientists to be essential in protecting against disease and certain types of cancer.
  3. Ready.gov - Department of Homeland Security Secretary Tom Ridge says there are very specific things Americans can do to prepare themselves and their families for an emergency. The Ready website is an integral part of the Ready Campaign, launched in 2003 with the Ad Council to educate and empower American citizens to prepare for and respond to potential terrorist attacks and other emergencies.
  4. Slurpee.com - 7-Eleven, Inc. has launched a Web site devoted exclusively to the convenience leader's most recognized proprietary product. The new Web site coincides with the June 1 kickoff of Slurpee(R) Summer Music, a two-month promotion with potentially millions of downloadable songs and wireless phone ring tones, available along with Dell MP3 players, concert tickets and trips. The Web site features interactive games, an online instant-win game, history, trivia quiz, exclusive Slurpee merchandise, informal online polls and links to fan pages.
  5. MessagingPipeline.com - A new website that is devoted to providing business technology professionals with the messaging news and information they need to be successful. Messaging Pipeline's editorial will cover the full range of software, hardware and peripherals, network and server technologies, and business and policy solutions. Editorial will include news, trends, and how-to articles.
  6. The Pool Safety Network - A first-of-its-kind collection of resources, best practices and information about drowning prevention from governmental agencies, leading advocacy groups, water safety experts, and the medical community in the field of water safety.

New Sites on the Web from Week of May 24, 2004

  1. 360Spinner - Web site for 360° Spin picture technology. Allow users to create 360° rotating Spins of any item they wish quickly and easily. Members use this service to enhance their Auction Listings by making their products come alive and rotate. With mouse over technology, a potential bidder can see the product from all angles as it rotates, which in turn drives up sales and bids.
  2. Purse Stories - The website that collects and celebrates the memories and emotions that purses evoke. viewers can add their own handbag stories and photos or meander through the story collection.
  3. MyQPU - An entertaining way for camera-phone users to effortlessly forward images to other camera-phones, as well as being able to forward images to their private virtual albums. Just like other existing offerings, members can set up a private image exchange (PIX), which will usually be made up of a group of good friends, or family, or colleagues within an organization and store camera-phone images in an online virtual photo album.

New Sites on the Web from Week of May 17, 2004

  1. CancerConsultants - Contains over 6,000 pages of content and thousands of news articles which are updated daily, and the new cancer centers allow patients to navigate all the information on their particular situation with ease. Along with detailed explanations of 33 different types of cancers, the cancer centers provide information on treatment options, side effect management, clinical trials, legal and financial aid, other information resources, and daily news.
  2. AAA - The new site has many of the same mapping and routing capabilities as Internet TripTik and includes valuable information from AAA's extensive data base of proprietary travel information, such as Diamond Ratings for hotels and restaurants unavailable from other online mapping services. AAAmaps.com is designed to offer Web users quick access to a mapping and travel planning solution whether they are driving across town or planning a lengthy driving vacation this summer.

New Sites on the Web from Week of May 10, 2004

  1. Oh Baby! - The site will allow shoppers to peruse a selection of irresistible and unique gifts for moms, moms-to-be, babies and kids, and have them packed within minutes. Featuring everything from luxurious massage creams for new moms or moms-to-be, to gorgeous gift baskets and adorable hand painted rocking chairs, the site promises to be a true one-stop-shopping destination for anyone looking for baby-related gifts.
  2. Allied - Allied Van Lines' new Web site is more than just another stop on the Internet highway; it is designed to be the world's definitive source of information for relocating families. The new site includes estimated cost calculations, City Reports for cost comparisons for both schools and traffic patterns, salary calculators, and packing tips.
  3. CurlFriends.com - A leading quality hair care line designed especially for people with naturally curly and permed hair. The new and improved site is a fun, interactive and informative resource for people with curly hair who want to learn how to better care for their locks, create cutting-edge styles, and purchase CurlFriends products.
  4. Closeoutcentral.com - Serving the $100 billion market for closeout and surplus items, Closeoutcentral.com enables wholesalers of discount and general merchandise to liquidate excess product through its online network. The Web site allows sellers to offer products in multiple categories and to update the availability of products in real-time.
  5. ManagerZone Live 3D - Launched the first web based 3D game viewer for manager games that rivals that of PC and console games. ManazerZne develops sport manager games that can be played via a web browser on the Internet or a cellular network on a mobile phone or personal wireless device. The company offers multiplayer games that allow thousands of users to engage in interactive sports world.
  6. GasPriceWatch.com - Created with the goal of saving the average consumer money. The idea was simple, give the consumers the information required to help them make cost-saving decisions. Provides the consumers the ability to search their local gas stations for the lowest prices.

New Sites on the Web from Week of May 3, 2004

  1. HMRtrucks.com - Launched by TEN Magazines, this Web site provides Hummer enthusiasts a home from which they can communicate with other Hummer owners. The new site is the best way for Hummer enthusiasts to find out about new products, customizing tips and techniques, and can communicate their interests to aftermarket manufacturers and other Hummer owners.
  2. 1-800-DENTIST - The nation's leading free resource for people in search of a dentist relaunches its referral service Web site. Visitors can browse the interactive site featuring (V)Host(TM) technology, which incorporates virtual reality characters who visually and audibly communicate with the user. "Lisa" anticipates and answers questions while guiding visitors through each step in the patient-to-dentist matching process.
  3. MyRatePlan - An unbiased resource for the evaluation of cell phones and calling plans. Introduces its Number Portability Information Center that contains a wealth of useful information for those looking to change carriers and keep their number, whether this means switching from one wireless provider to another or eliminating one's home phone to go totally wireless.
  4. MP3.com - Download thousands of free MP3's from independent artists at CNET download.com's new music section.
  5. DS Max Mortgage - DS-Max Mortgage does not sell mortgages or financing of any kind, nor does it promote specific providers of these services. The goal is to level the playing field for the consumer and get all the information needed to make good decisions out in the open. This site is a gateway to unbiased mortgage information.
  6. Career Finder - A website that is designed to bring job and career seekers together with companies and corporations to help reduce and alleviate the unemployment situation. Prospective workers and career minded individuals can file a resume and search for positions available without charge.
  7. TabletPC Post - Now Tablet PC users have a central location to preview and download software designed specifically for their Tablet PCs. Dedicated to increasing awareness of Tablet PCs, TabletPCPost provides a comprehensive catalog of entertainment, general business, education, and industry-specific Tablet PC applications. Website visitors can also participate actively by posting comments about their own experiences and voting for their favorite products.

New Sites on the Web from Week of April 26, 2004

  1. Zina Kao Exclusives - Using very special gemstones and precious metals, the handcrafted jewelry is modern and fresh, feminine and gutsy, and wearable every day! Visit the website – www.zinakao.com – to view their Summer 2004 collection.
  2. YouShoot - A digital camera rental and website services company that is the first nationwide digital camera rental service for special events. YouShoot is an alternative to using cardboard disposable cameras for events like weddings, religious ceremonies, or corporate events. With YouShoot guests take pictures during the event with digital cameras and can then view and print the pictures online afterwards.
  3. LowCarb Energy - More than 220,000 copies of LowCarb Energy magazine's debut issue will be available nationwide in bookstores, mass market retailers, drugstores and health food stores beginning May 4. The first issue offers more than 50 recipes for breakfasts, barbeques, summer picnics, cocktails and even desserts. Drawing on advice from health professionals, fitness gurus, researchers, nutritionists, chefs and other experts. Readers will find articles on everything from low-carbing while traveling to smart exercise routines to a tropically themed low-carb.
  4. Dishwasher Creations - Designer dishwasher panels are kitchen art that enhances decorating themes and brings a sense of depth and style to the most used room in your house. Regardless of your motif, Dishwasher Creations’ panels will add a creative new focal point to your kitchen... and become quite the conversation piece during gatherings. These works-of-art also make truly unique gift ideas for anyone who loves to entertain or cook, or who loves art.
  5. KidSmartLiving - Armed with visions of worry-free deck parties, family-filled kitchens and poolside gatherings, shoppers can find the perfect plastic tableware for any occasion from clear looks to colorful tints, from everyday shapes to themed designs.
  6. TurtleSite.com - An online community for turtle owners, or anyone who loves turtles, reptiles, and/or small pets. Here you'll be able to meet, and discuss with, other knowledgeable turtle and tortoise owners about care and treatment of your pet.

New Sites on the Web from Week of April 12, 2004

  1. Customer Research Center - Offers live research-based services for business executives. The Custom Research Center will allow Forbes.com users to purchase personalized answer briefs to their confidential questions about competitors, industry trends or virtually any business issue. Business executives requiring in-depth research projects will be given the opportunity to submit a request for proposal.
  2. StokeBay.com - A surfer's dream portal providing hot vacation rentals and real estate properties at the world's most exotic surfing destinations. Offers property listings and vacation rental services tailored for customers with a passion for action sports and the great outdoors.
  3. StoryHunters.com - A Web site covering topical news and information on everything from sex to wildlife. Uses a blogging format that helps make the world a true Web - stories interconnected by hyperlinks to give them context and meaning. The content is free, no pop-ups allowed.

New Sites on the Web from Week of April 5, 2004

  1. RealNetworks - The final release of RealPlayer(R) 10, the first free media player that enables consumers to play content in any of the major Internet media formats, including RealAudio(R), RealVideo(R), AAC, Windows Media, QuickTime MPEG-4 and MP3. Released in "beta" form on January 7th in the U.S. only, the final version of RealPlayer 10 is now available in North America, Europe (German and English versions) and Japan with additional international versions scheduled to launch later this summer.
  2. Atari on Demand - Play dozens of Atari PC CD-ROM games for only $14.95 a month. Unlimited access to dozens of favorite Kids and Family, Strategy, Action, The service will distribute the software to personal computers in pure digital form, bypassing the need to install from a disk.
  3. MyIE2 - A fully customized browser that can open multiple web pages in just one window, and comes with tons of other nice features. The browser and its support services are free -- with no annoying ads or spyware.
  4. WeatherBug Achieve - A new Web-based application for the K-12 education market that directly responds to the needs of today's educators. WeatherBug Achieve includes a suite of innovative teaching tools that utilize live weather data to build student math, science, technology and geography skills.
  5. National Confectioners Association - This delectable site is chock-full of candy facts and figures on Easter, tempting treats, holiday traditions and more. The site also includes important diet and nutrition information about candy and how to incorporate it into a healthy and balanced diet. A special diet and health section helps parents read nutrition labels and provides tips to help kids manage their weight.
  6. SpinCards - Each greeting card includes a blank recordable compact disc (CD-R) professionally screenprinted to match the card. Consumers can then record whatever they want to on the disc and include it with the card, sending a loved one more than just a card.

New Sites on the Web from Week of March 29, 2004

  1. Voices of Civil Rights - This Web site is the online home to the most extensive archive of compelling firsthand accounts of America's struggle for civil rights sponsored by AARP and the Leadership Conference on Civil Rights (LCCR).
  2. Google - Internet search leader Google said will soon offer a free, Web-based e-mail service. It is called Gmail and will compete with e-mail offerings from Yahoo, Microsoft and others. Gmail's search function will allow users to instantly find e-mail messages with the same type of technology that powers the company's Web site searches.
  3. TestYourVoIP.com - A free, self-service, Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP) quality testing portal that enables users to independently measure the quality of their VoIP connections via a quick, user-initiated test call.
  4. Full Screen QTVR - This QuickTime(R) VR (QTVR) website will serve as a directory of high-quality, full-screen QTVRs on the Internet. QuickTime(R) VR is an award-winning photorealistic cross-platform virtual reality technology from Apple Computer, Inc., that makes it possible to explore places as if you were really there. Locations are numerous and varied, including amazing interior views of the Vatican, inaccessible Egyptian tombs, detailed interior and exterior views of the new Mercedes-Benz SLR McLaren and the latest breathtaking panoramic images from NASA's Mars rovers.
  5. myContactForm.com - Allows you to create completely customizable, free contact forms for your web sites. There is no limit to the types of forms you can create or the numbers of e-mails they can send. In addition, the site is rich in other features including the ability to read, download, and reply to data submitted with the forms, an online contact manager, and much more.

New Sites on the Web from Week of March 22, 2004

  1. The Comfort Company - A new and improved online store with an expanded selection of unique sympathy gifts.

  2. kidZmail.com - New e-mail service protects kids on the Internet. Offers parents controlled access to their child’s e-mail, while offering fun e-mail addresses for the kids. As a Parent, you have immediate and complete control over what they can send and receive. The parent can define how they want to handle incoming and outgoing emails based on who the child is communicating with.
  3. CertainTeed - CertainTeed Corporation unveils its new Web site, which features content that is tailored to meet the specific needs of the building professional and homeowner audiences. The site features improved search and navigation, a user-friendly design, and content relevant to the needs of various CertainTeed audiences. For homeowners looking for the latest trends in building products to contractors looking for installation tips, the enhanced site makes it easier for Internet users to find the information they need when they need it.
  4. Spherix's ReserveWorld - Spherix builds and operates multi-channel recreation business centers for National and State Park agencies that allow customers to call a toll-free number or go on the Internet and reserve and pay for campsites, cabins, boat slips, tours, and virtually any other kind of item offered in a public park.
  5. Farm & Field Auctions - An auction site where farmers, contractors, hunters, fishermen, and related small businesses can come and trade products without the clutter and distraction of having every other product imaginable up for auction. A site that is not only affordable and attractive to others but also offers new innovative features like Future Watch, Auto Re-list, and the Exclusive Category Feature.
  6. Hotbot - Terra Lycos, the global Internet Group, launches it new new HotBot Desktop, the first true "desktop search" solution in the market today. The HotBot Desktop is an Internet browser toolbar that allows users to search the web, e-mail, files, and browser history, as well as browse, search and subscribe to syndicated news content using the RSS format.
  7. Tucows - Tucows introduces its new Online Services Library which provides one of the most comprehensive listing of internet productivity tools, reference sites, retailers and leisure services. In keeping with the popular 5-Cow rating system, the hallmark of Tucows' 40,000-title try-before-you-buy software library, each online service is rated and reviewed by Tucows.
  8. Waymobile.com - Selecting from more than 100 musical instruments, ToneSession allows users to create single music tracks or multiple tracks that are blended to form custom ringtones. A rich set of MIDI loops can easily be mixed in to create tones of virtually any genre.

New Sites on the Web from Week of March 15, 2004

  1. Smugmug - An innovative new service for millions of camera phone users to easily share photos with friends, family, and business associates directly from a phone to their online photo gallery. Camera phone photographers can now simply email their favorite in-the-field pictures, along with any captions they may wish to add, to their smugmug.com account. Smugmug's new software engine automatically arranges the images into stylish, online albums for immediate sharing and later customization.
  2. Flickr - A web-based application that makes it easy for anyone to meet, talk, tell stories and show and discuss pictures live from any web browser and without installing any software. Photos can be emailed from mobile phones or uploaded using a set of easy tools, and sharing is as simple as dragging an image from a "shoebox" and dropping it onto a friend in a buddy list or into an open messaging window. Images appear instantly on friends' screens, allowing entirely new forms of visual communication and interaction.
  3. Landmarks - The site is an online directory and guide to hundreds of locations for travelers looking for places and tours that harbor some of the country's unknown, unconventional and most unbelievable secrets and legends.
  4. JustListed.com - Consumers receive e-mails with new listings that match their needs, as soon as the homes hit the market. JustListed.com is the first national free service of its kind that helps buyers receive comprehensive data and photos of homes for sale, making it easier and faster than ever for people to find and purchase their next homes.
  5. Is Your Job Going Offshore? - Keeps track of U.S. companies sending technology work to India. The Web site has a list of several hundred companies it says have shipped jobs overseas.
  6. The Business Briefcase - Business Briefcase operates on your computer as your own web site. This online tool features local and national business news, information from respected organizations like Small Business Administration, IRS for Small Business and Self-Employed, a business calendar and in depth profiles of business leaders sharing their experiences in solving business problems. For your employees - a searchable online directory with more than 5000 services and programs to help them solve everyday problems from child care to aging parents to health care and more.

New Sites on the Web from Week of March 8, 2004

  1. Build-A-Ring - JCPenney is adding big glimmer to its sparkling array of fine jewelry with Build-A-Ring - a site where customers can design the engagement rings of their dreams, one easy, hassle-free step at a time. With diamond prices ranging from $250 to over $100,000, Build-A-Ring welcomes customers to JCPenney's online trunk show where they can select from more than 150,000 variations of diamonds and settings in platinum and gold to create their customized engagement rings.
  2. Topix.net - The Internet's largest news site now features 150,000 topical news pages and local news for every US ZIP code. The Company's patent-pending artificial intelligence (AI) categorization engine provides a concept-based method towards aggregating news, which is unlike other vendors' keyword-based search techniques.
  3. SalesRoundup.com - An online shopping mall that provides consumers with easy access to online vendors offering products ideal for home or office, and will continually update products, special sales, savings coupons and promotions that make these products extremely affordable.
  4. My5minutes.com - An online community that allows people to upload and download videos for free. Unlike any other website on the Internet, this Web site allows users to share, watch, and rate videos entirely free.

New Sites on the Web from Week of February 23, 2004

  1. Minyanville - The creative education and infotainment community that features animated "critters" to convey a broad range of financial information and insight.
  2. Findory.com - Findory News is a personalized newspaper that learns from the news you read, finds articles that match your interests, and customizes a front page of news stories specifically for you.
  3. Cinequest Online - An online distribution and promotional division that will provide the most advanced and innovative secure video delivery capability of its kind. The service is designed to securely deliver DVD-quality, full-length feature films to fans worldwide via the Internet for the first time.
  4. Getmapping.com - Purchase up to date aerial photography of New York City. The high-resolution imagery provides stunning views of the five boroughs of Brooklyn, Queens, Staten Island, The Bronx and Manhattan, as well as parts of Hudson, Westchester and Nassau.
  5. Rapsheets - Rapsheets has launched Rapfinity, a new online criminal records search that includes an instant search of alternative names associated with an applicant's Social Security number. Also, Rapfinity will verify a subject's identity, list alternate names used by a subject, list prior known addresses, and reveal a history of criminal records associated with alternate names used by a subject.
  6. LA.com - LA.com debuts as the insider's guide to Los Angeles on where to go, what to do, what's new and what's classic in a constantly evolving city.

New Sites on the Web from Week of February 23, 2004

  1. BabyConnection.com - The site, which links to and from www.walmart.com , features more than 200 expert articles devoted to pregnancy, babies and toddlers. It also features buying guides and checklists to help parents conveniently conduct research from home while making educated decisions about cribs, car seats, and other essentials for every stage of parenthood.
  2. GameStats.com - A consumer website focused on providing daily popularity and review statistics for more than 23,000 games, both released and unreleased. GameStats.com uses the web's most detailed game database, courtesy of gaming and entertainment network IGN.com. The searchable archive offers information and media for games spanning more than 80 different platforms, including descriptions, release dates, cheats, walkthroughs, screenshots, movies, company data, and more.
  3. Direct 2U - A user-friendly, Web-based service that allows customers to place postcard printing orders 24-hours-a-day through the service's Web site. Customers can use an interactive price calculator to obtain pricing for various sizes, quantities and color options. Postcard designs can be uploaded to the site using a variety of digital file formats.
  4. The Movie-STAR Database - An online database with all the Oscar information you need. It covers 6,951 Oscar nominations and 1,388 Oscar awards in major categories for 2,798 motion pictures and 4,460 individuals.
  5. Friendworks.com - A new social networking website which helps people find a group of friends in their area by matching similar profile qualifications. Friendworks.com is a free site and is designed to match men and women to a group of other men and women with similar interests, with the intentions of building new friendships. By filling out a confidential profile online, a person is automatically matched into a group of at least three others, or as many as six, who most closely match the preferences specified.
  6. Carvel - Carvel Corporation, the nation's first retail ice cream franchise, announces its newly designed website. To support the intense consumer loyalty of the 70-year-old brand, the redesigned site provides news and information of interest for the Carvel customer, potential employee or franchisee, and the ice cream lover in general -- everything from founder Tom Carvel's infamous voice and a spinning cake carousel to a 360 degrees video of the new store prototype.
  7. CivicShare.com - A unique financing solution to help support First Responder Emergency Services (Fire and Rescue, Law Enforcement, and other Vital Services) in communities nationwide. Choose your community and shop on-line at hundreds of stores and catalog merchants and up to 15% of your purchases will support the community of your choice...at no cost to you.

New Sites on the Web from Week of February 9, 2004

  1. WeddingDVD.com - WeddingDVD.Com allows couples to share their entire wedding video over the Internet with the same functionality, graphical format and style they receive on their DVD.
  2. Zirla - The first in a series of online "In-Real-Life Network" offerings. Created by people who've experienced the benefits and pitfalls of sprawling online social networks, online dating sites, singles matchmaking services, speed-dating, singles parties and similar events, Zirla is about logging off and returning to real life. Zirla takes the convenience of the virtual world and combines it with the enjoyment of meeting over dinner. By keeping it real, Zirla blends the best from each of these experiences by providing busy single people of all ages a way to meet fun, compatible people in a dynamic environment.
  3. Houseplan.com - A comprehensive Internet resource for buying stock house plans at a fraction of the cost of hiring an architect to produce a house plan design. The web site has more than 12,000 unique house plans in 39 different styles, adding hundreds of plans each month, with plan buying options for easy modification.
  4. CertificateSwap.com - CertificateSwap allows consumers to purchase gift certificates, list for sale any unwanted certificates they may have, or purchase GiftBux - which recipients may redeem for any certificate on the site. When your certificate is sold you get a check in the mail. Since the site launched in December, tens of thousands of dollars in certificates have been sold, for Best Buy, Costco, Gap and other major retailers.
  5. TruckMoxie.com - TruckMoxie.com has teamed with Troxell Upshaw Motorsports to give millions of truck enthusiasts a behind-the-scenes view of what it takes to run a NASCAR racing truck within this exciting NASCAR series. Millions of truck enthusiasts online will see interviews with driver Wayne Edwards, find out how the truck is set up for various tracks and get the latest race results by logging on to TEN Magazines' network of websites.
  6. The American Heritage of DaimlerChrysler - The site greets visitors with continuously revolving panoramic views of the Museum's first and second levels highlighting concept and production vehicles from the 1900s - 1990s. The home page also features graphic links to the Museum's special exhibits and events, current and past issues of its award-winning four-color Forward magazine and its popular gift shop, brimming with exclusive and hard-to-find collectibles and souvenirs.
  7. TShirtHell.com - An Internet shirt retailer who offers all the latest in fad t-shirts. Offers a low-carb t-shirt alternative.

New Sites on the Web from Week of February 2, 2004

  1. AOL.Instant Messenger - America Online, Inc., today announced the launch of the most recent upgrade to the popular AOL(R) Instant Messenger(TM) (AIM(R)) service with new features including live video instant messaging compatible with Apple's popular iChat AV video conferencing application, account linking and online games. AIM version 5.5 is available today via a free download.
  2. WhiteyFord.com - Whitey Ford was the ultimate "crafty" left-hander, a Hall of Famer who won more games for the storied New York Yankees than any man before or since - and now Whitey Ford has "crafted" a Website through which fans can obtain some of the autographs he collected, as well as his own. The site also includes a biography and year-by-year stats as well as a feedback section in which fans can ask Whitey questions directly.
  3. OverweightDate.com - Providing access to an integrated database boasting membership in the millions and spanning all 50 states and abroad, OverweightDate.com offers the largest global network of singles in this niche community. The Web site gives full-figured singles and their admirers an intimidation-free environment to find each other online.
  4. American Idol - Beginning its third season, American Idol returns with America's favorite host, Ryan Seacrest, and judges Paula Abdul, Simon Cowell and Randy Jackson who lend their professional expertise, personal comments and often poorly received criticism to this season's new crop of aspiring singers. RealVideo(R) 10 will serve as the exclusive format for "American Idol".
  5. Valentine.com - This Web site has a sleek, festive design that makes it easy to find everything from gift ideas to relationship advice with a click of the mouse. The site is powered by metasearch engine Dogpile.com. By clicking the "Go" buttons on the right side of the page, users will be taken to a results page containing links to Valentine's Day information.
  6. Morpheus - StreamCast Networks(TM), Inc., creators of the popular Morpheus(TM) peer-to-peer file-sharing software, have released Morpheus 4, a radically-enhanced new version of the application including early access to the new NEOnet(TM) technology platform. Morpheus 4 is available for free download.
  7. Six Flags - Six Flags, Inc. is the world's largest regional theme park company. Through its subsidiaries, it owns and operates a total of 39 parks in North America and Europe. Tickets can now be purchased and printed via the internet, eliminating the time required for buying tickets at the gate or having them shipped. Tickets print instantly and can even be used the same day. Log into www.sixflags.com , purchase your ticket, print your ticket and play! For a limited time only, Print-N-Go tickets are just $24.99.

New Sites on the Web from Week of January 26, 2004

  1. VisitPA.com - Unable to be in Punxsutawney on Feb. 2? Thanks to Pennsylvania's Tourism Office, you can join the festivities surrounding Punxsutawney Phil's world-renowned end-of-winter forecast. Beginning Friday, Jan. 30, visitors to a special section of the site, VisitPA.com/groundhog, will be able to scan the groundhog's haunt using two Web cameras positioned above the stage where Phil will make his appearance. A third is positioned behind the viewing area where the crowd will gather. Users will be able to control the cameras, zooming and panning over the action at will.
  2. VeilShop.com - An online retail source for bridal veils, tiaras, headpieces and other accessories. VeilShop.com currently offers more than 10,000 possible options at reasonable prices.
  3. Ted - United Airlines Unveils Ted's Enhanced Website & New Customer Service Number. The new customer service number, 1-800-CALLTED, will allow passengers to book flights, check fares, flight information and availability, and redeem miles for award travel on United, United Express and Ted. Ted will commence passenger service in February 2004. Ted combines low fares with a distinctive onboard experience. Customers can earn Mileage Plus frequent flier miles on all Ted flights, seating is pre-assigned.
  4. FateSeeker - FateSeeker launches an innovative and feature-rich online dating service including I-Conference, a revolutionary multimedia feature that facilitates high quality, synchronous audio and video interactions between users. IConference enables users to see, talk to, and interact with other users from the comfort and privacy of their own homes, and find out if real chemistry exists before they meet in person. I-Conference integrates with Macromedia's popular Flash Player assuring consistent and reliable playback across browsers, platforms, and devices, and requires a Web cam and microphone. Up to five simultaneous users can participate in an I-Conference session.
  5. ReusableBags.com - ReusableBags.com offers information, tips and products to help reduce the mindless consumption of plastic bags. By educating, raising awareness and offering sound solutions it empowers people to take action, spread the word, and start using reusable shopping bags.
  6. Heifer International - Visit Heifer International's new website to discover the solutions they provide to end hunger and poverty -- for good. They have helped poor communities become self-reliant for food and income through sustainable gifts of livestock and agricultural training.

New Sites on the Web from Week of January 19, 2004

  1. Mad-Cow-Facts.com - The Center for Global Food Issues (CGFI) announced the launch of a "Mad Cow Facts" Web site. Recent research reveals that facts and credible information about Mad Cow Disease, also known as Bovine Spongiform Encephalopathy (BSE), are not always easy to find online. The Web site wants consumers to have the facts, not the fears that many special interest groups and those in the organic and natural products industry are advancing.
  2. Orkut - An online community that connects people through a network of trusted friends. They are committed to providing an online meeting place where people can socialize, make new acquaintances and find others who share their interests.
  3. New York Prostate Institute - A website to provide prostate cancer patients with easy-to-understand information exploring their various treatment options. The Institute, located in South Nassau Communities Hospital, opened recently to provide East-coast prostate cancer patients with less invasive alternatives to radical prostatectomy and access to national research protocols of treatment options.
  4. ADBOWL - The ADBOWL will debut during the championship football game on February 1. Viewers can judge the commercials by casting votes for their favorite ads on ADBOWL.com. America's favorite commercials will be announced at the end of the game. To vote for their favorite commercials, viewers are recommended to go to ADBOWL.com to pre-register. The technology provides a real-time interactive experience synchronized with the TV which allows viewers to rate the ads on a scale between one and five, with 5 being a "Touchdown," 4 "Field Goal," 3 "First Down," 2 "Punt" and 1 being a "Fumble."
  5. Atom Films Hi-Def - A free, advertising-supported service that enables enhanced online viewing of world-class independent films, including select titles presented in high definition 720p format. 'AtomFilms Hi-Def' leverages Maven's broadband media application software and delivery network to provide a quality, full-screen viewing experience that has previously eluded movie fans online. After an initial download, 'AtomFilms Hi-Def' users automatically receive weekly desktop delivery of three of AtomFilms' best movies, viewable at 850kbps, ensuring playback that rivals DVD quality.
  6. BuildingAdvice.com - The second in a network of advice websites for the get-down-to-business building, remodeling, handyman and decorating consumer, BuildingAdvice.com provides a wealth of information tailored to homeowners involved in any home or property project. Focused on building and construction projects, the website contains how-to sections including a Home Building Manual, an Educate Yourself! column, and a Builders Tool Box. The Bookstore, Tool and Equipment Marketplace, and Buyers Guide sections simplify access to product information.
  7. Birmingham Civil Rights Institute - The Birmingham Civil Rights Institute (BCRI), in partnership with BellSouth Corporation, have launched its newly designed Web site, bringing civil rights history to the world. The site, features the BCRI Oral History Project, a collection of videotaped interviews with participants in the Civil Rights Movement of the 1960s. The interactive site also includes a monthly calendar, archival information for research, membership information and a teaching curriculum.

New Sites on the Web from Week of January 12, 2004

  1. Cars For Sale by Owner - An online auto marketplace that connects car buyers and sellers. The new site will provide listings for both new and used cars, trucks and motorcycles. The site will let consumers search for vehicles by location, price, make, model and year. Shoppers will also get free access to auto values, insurance, financing and warranty company rates.
  2. For Sale by Owner - A database of properties in North America. ForSaleByOwner.com possesses the largest database (in the world) of property sold without the use of Realtors, which means big savings for property sellers.
  3. BedandBreakfast.com - An online bed & breakfast reservation network, listing over 27,000 bed & breakfasts and inns throughout the United States and internationally.
  4. FriendFinder - FriendFinder, an online dating network, is now the first major online dating service that brings internet chat rooms to life with vivid, movable three-dimensional characters and scenic, visual chat rooms. FriendFinder.com's new FlashChat service lets singles choose animated characters that reflect their appearance and personal style. FlashChat enhances the chatting experience by transforming flat, text-only chat rooms into virtual parties.
  5. IT Part Shopper - Offers end-users such as corporate buyers and government agencies the ability to shop and compare vendors of refurbished, hard-to-find, and end of production computer, printer, telecom, datacom and networking parts and systems.
  6. The Duck Tape Club - Duct tape enthusiasts can add a new color to their toolboxes. After months of online voting, thousands of consumers decided that maroon would be the color to stick around. Maroon Duck(R) brand duct tape is available exclusively in the store at www.ducktapeclub.com. Project ideas, product information, and other fun activities are also available at this Web site.
  7. PlumChoice - PlumChoice Computer Help introduces the first hands-free, web-based computer support service for the home and small business market. The new service offers increased convenience, security and a more affordable price point for the home, home office and small office PC user.
  8. TurboTax for the Web - An online tax preparation service, TurboTax(R) for the Web(SM) is a service that helps taxpayers prepare and file their taxes with the same speed, ease and convenience they've come to expect from online banking and bill pay. Taxpayers can prepare and file their 2003 federal and state income tax returns quickly from the comfort of their own home or office on their personal computer. Taxpayers can also quickly obtain their refund, in as little as 10 days, compared to six weeks through the mail.
  9. Cavian Beads - Cavian is an international bead company with retail locations and learning centers (Cavian Workshop(TM)) dedicated to providing the most complete bead experience in the world. Cavian offers the broadest array of beads imaginable, along with the tools and hands-on instruction necessary for customers to design and create their own unique beaded jewelry and accessories.

New Sites on the Web from Week of January 5, 2004

  1. Slooh - Slooh is the first online service to bring incredible, live viewing of outer space to the public. Bringing the rhythm and wonder of outer space to people of all ages, Slooh's mighty telescopes are the centerpiece of LIVE interactive 'missions' to the 20 known wonders of the universe. Slooh has stationed high-powered telescopes in the Canary Islands, one of the world's best locations for astronomical viewing.
  2. Discovery Resources - This new portal is designed to serve as the premier electronic discovery resource for the legal industry by providing easy, centralized access to the latest news, articles, trends, events and tools associated with discovery and electronic evidence.
  3. Mighty Bids - A new online auction house that promises to deliver secure transactions and no listing fees. The only fee is that you will be charged a small percentage of the final sale, meaning the customer doesn't have to pay if they need to re-list an item.
  4. LifePics - Through the LifePics portal, consumers can locate their closest photofinisher and upload their digital photos into Internet albums for long-term storage. They can also view their photos online, edit, share digital albums, and order photos directly from the portal for pick-up at their local retail photofinisher.

New Sites on the Web from Week of December 29, 2003

  1. Project FeederWatch - Wild Birds Unlimited has partnered with the Cornell Laboratory of Ornithology to enhance its one-of-a-kind Bird FeederCam(R) on the Internet and give birdwatchers a bird's-eye view of birds at feeders. Starting this week FeederCam images are being broadcast from the Treman Bird Feeding Garden at the Cornell Lab in Ithaca, NY. FeederCam operates from 7 a.m. to 6 p.m. EST, and viewers can choose to see four types of birdfeeders and a small pond up close using a feature that focuses in on one feeder or area of the garden.
  2. Recalls.gov - A "one-stop shop" for consumers to have easier access to all recall announcements from the U.S. Consumer Product Safety Commission, the Food and Drug Administration, the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration, the Environmental Protection Agency, the U.S. Coast Guard, and the U.S. Department of Agriculture. The site also contains safety warnings and information on how to report a problem with a consumer product, cosmetic, motor vehicle, boat, food product or environmental product.
  3. Time Square, New York City - The official website of Times Square. Get complete information on the Times Square Visitors Center, New York City tourist information, Broadway, theatre, restaurants, hotels, and the New Year's Eve celebration.
  4. Second Life - Online service that allows residents to join a rapidly growing 3D world in which they can play, build, or live, creating anything imaginable. Second Life residents can now buy their own virtual land at auction, using either real or in-world currency. And Second Life isn't just for the PC any more. Macintosh(R) users with OS X.3 can help test Second Life's new Beta version for Macintosh. Additionally, a new pricing option with no monthly fees allows you to join SecondLife for only $9.95. The Second Life v1.2 upgrade is downloadable today for a free 7-day trial.

New Sites on the Web from Week of December 15, 2003

  1. Accessory Buzz - From Verizon Wireless this Web site is an online resource for countless fun and functional wireless phone accessories that can help holiday shoppers enhance and customize their loved ones' mobile experiences. Devoted to selling only the newest and coolest wireless accessories.
  2. Institute of Medicine - A new Internet Web site with information about a variety of military- related health issues. IOM's new Website is one more tool available to veterans, health care practitioners and others interested in the well-being of our veterans. The Web site has separate sections for health care issues affecting the last four major military conflicts -- World War II, the Korean War, the Vietnam War and the Gulf War. At each section, visitors can read electronic versions of IOM-produced reports or purchase publications.
  3. Macromedia - Macromedia has launched a new Macromedia(R) Flash(TM) Video Gallery, which showcases amazing video experiences from 25 leading companies that are broadly adopting Flash video, including Ben & Jerry's (see separate release), Comcast, Ford, and Red Bull Energy Drink.
  4. Office of Champagne, USA - Allows consumers to ask questions to Champagne experts, as well as provides in-depth background information on the unique wine that only comes from one place: Champagne, France. Responses to recent questions asked on the hotline will be posted on the web site "bulletin board," allowing all users to see recent posts and answers. The site also provides easy access to the Office of Champagne, USA's database of information.
  5. NewYears.com - Allows partygoers from around the world to search for New Years parties in most major US cities including New York, Los Angeles, Miami and Las Vegas. Once the right party is found, advance tickets can be purchased through NewYears.com's secure transactional system.

New Sites on the Web from Week of December 8, 2003

  1. Cyberchase - Visitors to the CYBERCHASE Parents and Teachers Site on pbskids.org will discover great tips and tools to help kids become enthusiastic about math; descriptions of CYBERCHASE stories with games and puzzles to extend the fun and learning; CYBERCHASE At Home family activities; and a searchable math topic database. Educators will find links to curriculum-based CYBERCHASE teacher guides. The site will also feature a series of CYBERCHASE monthly articles that appear in the Weekly Reader fourth-grade edition.
  2. Connected Traveler - Your 24 hour world culture and travel radio station with news, commentary, food, hu,mor, heritage and environment features along with sounds and music recorded on location around the world.
  3. Textamerica - You can now post video clips from your camera phone direct to the Internet and your textamerica moblog. The video clips are sent to the same address as the images are sent to so customers do not have to do anything extra to start using this service. At present, you can post video clips in the MOV, MP4 and 3GP formats, and textamerica plans to announce more formats before the end of December.
  4. Luxury Downunder - A Website that caters to the growing luxury travel market in Australia. For the first time, travelers can now research and book Australia's finest travel experiences including island resorts, deluxe campsites and 5 star city hotels all at the one site.
  5. MyCountryMatch.com - The first dating Web site geared toward down-to-earth single people looking for fun, friendship and a chance for romance too! Has an advanced match making engine that pairs up members based on their "mutual match" compatibility score. For a limited time, while the developers are fine tuning the user experience, membership to MyCountryMatch.com is free.

New Sites on the Web from Week of December 2, 2003

  1. Claus.com - Kids can track Santa's annual voyage online with the Santa Spotter, which gives his whereabouts every hour, as well as a running total of the number of cookies and glasses of milk he consumes along the way. Not only does Santa have his own Web site, but he also keeps in touch with kids from his cell phone or "Sleigh Phone" on Christmas Eve. Children can make up to four phone calls to Santa to get the latest update on how close he is to his or her house.
  2. Fibroids1.com - Fibroids1.com is a knowledge community, or "KnowCo", site for women suffering from uterine fibroids. This Web site provides these women and their families with a comprehensive resource for valuable information on uterine fibroids and potential treatment options.
  3. SkinHealthSolutions - A medical information resource devoted to conditions involving the skin, hair and nails was announced today by Dermik Laboratories. The Internet-based portal offers direct and simple access to nearly 300 Web sites. The Web site contains an extensive range of targeted information about skin, hair and nails provided by professional medical and physician groups, counseling services, prescription pharmaceutical companies and patient advocacy organizations.
  4. Altus Athletic - The website is designed to provide extensive fitness information, personalized workout programs, product details and more. Included are over 300 unique exercises with detailed instructions and photographs. This vast library of exercises can easily be searched by desired muscle group or a specific Altus fitness product. Exercises are illustrated for every fitness level - from beginner to advanced.
  5. ReserveAmerica - ReserveAmerica, a leading access point for outdoor recreation enthusiasts, and the NRRS (National Recreation Reservation Service), now include an additional twelve National Parks to the centralized Federal reservation service. The Company manages the largest reservable campsite inventory with relationships throughout North America.
  6. AIDSRibbons.com - Offers nationwide HIV/AIDS resources, HIV/AIDS news and a timeline of the epidemic and the ability to purchase a special edition commemorative pin. Visitors will also find this easy-to-navigate site an interesting source of current HIV/AIDS information.
  7. Silicon Valley Football Classic - The Silicon Valley Football Classic provides teams, media and fans the simplicity of having one point-of-contact for information on tickets, Stay and Play packages, pre- and post-game activities, as well as hotel accommodations and destination points of interest.

  8. MovieRap.com - The online destination for movie reviews with an edgy hip-hop flavor. The site will include reviews of the latest movies -- all in a music video format performed by several up-and-coming hip-hop artists -- as well as the latest news and behind-the-scenes information from Hollywood's top films.

New Sites on the Web from Week of November 24, 2003

  1. AccuHolidays - Offers a banquet of 26 different channels of Christmas music. Artists featured range from legends like Nat King Cole and Ella Fitzgerald to contemporary performers like Christina Aguilera, the John Pizzarelli Trio, and Coldplay. The 26 channels include an all-rock channel, an all-pop channel, all-R&B channel, an all-jazz channel, and an all-country channel. AccuHolidays is ad-supported (playing two commercials per hour) and thus 100% free to listeners.
  2. LowCarbParties.com - The first-ever one-stop shop for low carb holiday party planning tips, recipes, cocktails and more. Also provides a comprehensive list of low carb appetizers like Crabmeat Deviled Eggs and Cheesy Fajita Meatballs, entrees like Better Than Bread Stuffing and Portabella Pizza Lasagna, and desserts like Cheesecake Fluff and Pumpkin Pie. In addition to these great recipes, the site offers stylish party planning tips for everything from party decor to entertaining to popular party music.

New Sites on the Web from Week of November 17, 2003

  1. Attorney Ave. - A recruiting site that caters exclusively to the legal community. AttorneyAve.com is free to job seekers who wish to search jobs and post their resumes. Attorneys, paralegals, secretaries and law firm administrators can search for positions by title, location and area of practice. The site is also offering a promotional free trial period for employers and legal recruiters who wish to post jobs until January 2004.
  2. The Salvation Army - Become a virtual bell-ringer from the comfort of your own computer. Our virtual bell-ringers are asking friends, family members, colleagues, neighbors - everyone in their e-mail address book - to donate to this year's holiday campaign. Click on the Ring2Help icon, select how you'd like to help - by starting a bellringer team, by joining an existing team, or by signing up as an individual.
  3. FamilyFun.com - Tis' the season at FamilyFun.com with holiday activities, crafts, and fun for kids of all ages. This holiday season FamilyFun.com delivers dozens of ideas and simple instructions for handmade gifts perfect for stocking stuffers, hostess gifts, teacher gifts, and centerpieces.
  4. TextAmerica - Take pictures with your camera phone or digital camera and post them directly to the web, instantly! You can post pictures from any country and any cellular or mobile provider. You can also post comments on your pictures, and then customize the look of your pages, no html or knowledge needed.
  5. Reserve America - North America's leading camping reservation and campground management solutions provider. ReserveAmerica specializes in complete reservations solutions, stand-alone call center/database management tools, online reservations solutions, in park software solutions and tour & ticketing applications. The Company manages the largest reservable campsite inventory with relationships throughout North America.
  6. Primetones - Now everyone with a phone can be an MP3 Content Developer and Publisher. Anyone can create their own MP3 Ringtone(s). The website is an online supermarket of mobile content galleries and publishing solutions offering fun and exciting mobile/media service galleries including Audio Blogging, Dedication Greeting Cards, and the ability for consumers to sing their own ringers (Sing- A-Ringers).
  7. SPAMControversy.com - A new Spam Law Resource Center has been established to help consumers and members of the press find information about the latest anti-spam legislation and enforcement actions. The site contains links to articles and information about spam legislation, including the anti-spam bill recently signed into law in the state of California.
  8. HTMLFusion - The first full-featured web authoring application on the Internet that offers true WYSIWYG editing, drag-and-drop capabilities, and simple integration of server-side apps. HTMLFusion uses a patent pending technology that allows you to create a web site or web applications using only a web browser. For a short periode of time, everything is free.

New Sites on the Web from Week of November 10, 2003

  1. Paper.com - An online paper source for greeting cards, wedding invitations, business cards, office supplies, stationery, envelopes, graph paper, transfer paper, paper photo, printable stationery and more. Customers can explore over 8,000 products available internationally by search term, category, theme, brands, specialty products and even paper mill.
  2. HappyBirthday.com - A new website dedicated to memory-challenged husbands, parents and friends. Users can receive emailed birthday reminders - along with appropriate gift suggestions - free of charge. Members sign up to receive reminders for up to 10 birthdays, and can choose when to receive the emails - three days, seven days or 14 days before the "big event" (and again on the day before actual date). In addition, each email contains gift recommendations based on the recipient's gender.
  3. High Speed Hotel Directory - Get online to select from the nationwide list of hotels that offer fast Internet access in guest rooms and you'll have at your fingertips a guarantee of Speed in Surfing when traveling. a new comprehensive hotel directory zeroes in on hotels that guarantee broadband Internet access in guest rooms.
  4. NeighborhoodScout - Allows homebuyers to instantly find the neighborhoods that are best for them - based on their own personal criteria - whether they are moving across town or across the country. Homebuyers can describe their ideal neighborhood using criteria such as school quality, crime rate, house prices, the types of neighbors, and appreciation rates, for all 61,000 neighborhoods in the US.
  5. Steal My Music - An online store that accepts CDs from recording artists and then makes them available to shoppers free if they cover just the cost of shipping. The site is intended for emerging artists who are seeking a way to get their music into the hands of listeners who wouldn't normally purchase a CD they have never heard of.
  6. rainpetals.com - An online community of international women artists that has launched its lines of gold, silver, and semi-precious jewelry, home accoutrements, paintings and gift-cards for the consumer in pursuit of exquisite handmade creations rooted in nature and spirituality.
  7. Impromptu Gourmet - A new Web site and catalog company offering an exclusive collection of specially selected products and meals available only by mail. Customers can order from a variety of complete dinners, entrees, vegetables, sides and desserts. All orders arrive through the mail order delivery service within two to three days in a secure insulated cooler filled with dry ice to keep the items frozen.
  8. Verona Street - A women-friendly and visually appealing online dating website. By offering more women-friendly features, Verona Street aims to achieve a better balance between men and women. Women also receive fully functional memberships for free, with no expiration date, in hopes of keeping the ratio of men to women more even since dating websites typically have a 70% to 30% men-to-women ratio among its members.

New Sites on the Web from Week of November 3, 2003

  1. Mutualfundtaxinfo.com - Provides a convenient, central clearinghouse of information on the tax implications of taxpayers' mutual funds and other financial investment tax information.
  2. Walter O'Malley - Web site dedicated to the life of Walter O'Malley, former president of the Dodgers, and highlights the achievements of one of Major League Baseball's most influential leaders and visionaries during his 37 years of involvement in the game.
  3. The Salvation Army Angel Giving Tree - Visitors to the Angel Giving Tree site will see the familiar image of the Angel Giving Tree and will be able to purchase gifts online for needy children described on tags on the tree. The toys will go directly to The Salvation Army center nearest to the donor's local community.
  4. ValidatedSite - At a time when many Web users question the integrity of the sites they visit, ValidatedSite.com provides a solution for those both requesting and sharing information online. Surfers that visit websites displaying ValidatedSite seals can be sure phone numbers, postal information and email addresses of the company and its officials are real and active and that privacy statements are made available and protect consumers personal information.
  5. Healthy Hearing - A website featuring up-to-the-minute news, information and resources for those interested in hearing, causes and treatment of hearing loss, as well as hearing amplification systems.
  6. Cool Culture - A non-profit organization that helps low-income families with young children in New York gain access to the city's premiere arts and cultural institutions, providing opportunities for family learning experiences outside the classroom.
  7. VA Kids - The Department of Veterans Affairs (VA) has launched VA Kids, a new Web page designed to help young people understand what it means to be a veteran.

New Sites on the Web from Week of October 27, 2003

  1. AIDSribbons.com - AIDSribbons.com was designed to give visitors a chance to show they care that HIV/AIDS is still among us and that people are still getting infected and are ultimately dying. Other interesting features on the Web site are nationwide HIV/AIDS resources, HIV/AIDS news and a timeline of the epidemic and the ability to purchase a special edition commemorative pin. Visitors will also find this easy-to-navigate site an interesting source of current HIV/AIDS information.
  2. Face the Issue - A nonprofit production company that works to address public health issues through entertainment, today announced the launch of Face the Issue. The Web site is an integrated broadcast and online public service campaign that aims to raise the awareness of common emotional and physical health issues faced by young people. An A-List roster of Hollywood's top female entertainers -- including Halle Berry, Kate Hudson, Nicole Kidman, Jennifer Lopez, Julianne Moore, Sarah Jessica Parker and Catherine Zeta-Jones -- have lent their support and their voices to the campaign by narrating different Face the Issue public service announcements (PSAs).
  3. Space Needle - The site contains a live webcam that provides a 360-degree view of the city from atop the Landmark tower -- the first known opportunity to view Seattle in this detail. In addition to the webcam, the new site also enables visitors to shop at SpaceBase, the Space Needle's retail store.
  4. Video Professor - Video Professor, a leader in software tutorials, now offers its complete library of lessons online, direct to customers. Go to the Video Professor Now portion of the screen, then click and learn! Teaches you Windows, Microsoft Office, Quicken, FrontPage, and more!
  5. There.com - An immersive online 3D destination where members can hang out with friends, play games and express themselves -- via personalized characters, or avatars -- using text or voice chat, instant messenger, and body language. Consumers can sign up now for 14-day free trial -- no credit card required -- and have an option to buy a There membership for as little as 19.95 upfront and $4.95/month.
  6. ClubDeaf.com - The first service designed to provide Deaf people ease of communication with friends and family using SightSpeed's high-quality videoconferencing software that far surpasses existing technology. People can now have signed conversations with each other that are as close to being in person as you can get with just a PC, web camera and a broadband Internet connection.
  7. Cherish.com - A completely free online dating service, promising to put the fun back into online personals. Cherish.com aims to revolutionize online personals by providing a dating community that combines traditional online dating with social networking. At its launch, the Web site will offer its online dating service without any charge, allowing members to register, browse, communicate and date without any monthly fees.
  8. Buzznet - Developed to enable consumers who use digital cameras, mobile phone cameras and other digital devices to easily post their content in full featured multimedia galleries via the Internet to a vibrant community-driven site.
  9. eeProductCenter - A comprehensive online resource for new product announcements and reviews of the latest integrated circuits and electronics components. eeProductCenter draws on the experience of EE Times and ChipCenter editors to break new product information first, helping to speed the engineer's product selection process.
  10. Storyline Online - The Screen Actors Guild (SAG) Foundation, the charitable arm of the Screen Actors Guild, has gathered celebrity members in film and television to promote a program to increase literacy nationwide. The program streams video programs online featuring celebrities reading children's books aloud and offers books of various themes by award-winning authors.

New Sites on the Web from Week of October 20, 2003

  1. Cinemark - Continuing with a commitment to offer patrons the best movie-going experience possible, Cinemark USA, Inc. has become the first major motion picture exhibitor to offer gift cards for purchase over the Internet at cinemark.com. Cinemark gift cards allow patrons to place any value they wish onto a stored value card for redemption towards ticket and concession purchases at participating Cinemark Theatre locations.
  2. Versaly Entertainment - A wireless new media company focused on creating, publishing and distributing broad-based entertainment, including interactive games, ringtones, audio alarms, still image wallpaper, animated screensavers, frames, music, video and fun-to-read text to mobile phone subscribers.
  3. BlackBookStock.com - New website that will complement the suite of Black Book publications by allowing web access to its vast array of stock photography and illustrations through a direct link with Blackbook.com. The site's extensive searching capabilities will enable creative professionals to find stock images faster and easier, while opening the market to a wider range of communications executives.
  4. BlogRunner - A web portal for weblogs and other types of Internet micro-content. At the heart of BlogRunner is technology which grabs content from across the web, breaks it down into smaller chunks and then reassembles it into any number of virtual channels that track specific news stories or topics of interest.
  5. KissyKat - The first special interest online dating service devoted to pet and animal lovers and their community. As online dating increases in popularity, KissyKat offers an exciting new breed of service that sets itself apart from generic matchmaking sites by providing the 39 million single pet owners in America with a stimulating interactive experience with their pets on a fun and easy-to-use online platform.

New Sites on the Web from Week of October 13, 2003

  1. DomainsForYourBaby.com - A new online service to register a Web site address for newborn infants. For $6.95 parents or well-wishers can use DomainsForYourBaby.com to establish full ownership of a Web site name for the new baby, set up a free "under construction" page, and have access to an online control panel for managing the site.
  2. iTunes - Apple Computer opened its online iTunes Music Store to the masses, taking the wraps off software that will allow tens of millions of Windows computer users to buy songs from the highly praised service.
  3. Singingfish - Offers fast and easy access to tens of millions of links to streaming content across all major media categories, such as news, entertainment, radio, finance, sports and music.
  4. 1UP - A new online destination for gaming enthusiasts provides in-depth content, up-to-the-minute news, multiple game reviews, tips and tricks, and live forums with industry celebrities covering all game platforms.

New Sites on the Web from Week of October 6, 2003

  1. Bingoland - The Bingoland network emulates a real world network of Bingo Halls all playing in the same virtual game. When Bingo is called – it is called across the whole Bingoland Network.
  2. Napster - Napster is back today as an online music store. Napster 2.0, which is related to the old Napster in name only, will charge 99 cents for each song download, or $9.95 a month to leave an unlimited number of songs on the hard drives of up to three computers.

  3. BigCriminals.com - If you need to know whether your boyfriend, nanny, next-door neighbor or business associate has any criminal skeletons in her or her closet, log on to BigCriminals.com -- a new Internet service that conducts comprehensive criminal background searches through national and regional records as well as sex offender and terrorist databases, and returns most results instantly.
  4. MayoClinic.com - Feeling down, but don't think you're depressed? There's a self-screening test that might help you figure out what's going on and what you can do to get yourself back on track. Visitors to the site can take an interactive depression self-assessment test that gives them a score indicating whether or not they may be experiencing depression.
  5. Dinner Made Easy - General Mills has launched a new Dinner Made Easy Web site, an online collection of simple-to-prepare dinner ideas designed to help busy families gather together more often at dinnertime. The Dinner Made Easy program offers help for families struggling to balance hectic schedules with important family time.
  6. Red Herring - A French socialist has bought the rights to Red Herring, the magazine that became one of high technology's biggest cheerleaders of unfettered capitalism before it crashed. He's relaunched the publication as an online site.
  7. La Senza - A specialty retailer with 305 stores, offering fashionable lingerie and sleepwear sold in its 203 La Senza and Silk & Satin" stores, fashionable apparel for girls sold in its 68 "La Senza Girl" stores, and fashionable apparel for women sold in its 34 "anne.x" locations.
  8. MakesaMeal.com - This innovative Web site, launched in October to coincide with National Pasta Month, is designed to help busy parents and pasta lovers plan and make delicious meals within minutes. The site also offers more sophisticated pasta recipes for dinner parties, events and holidays.
  9. SnoopyStore.com - The Peanuts online store will provide consumers with the opportunity to purchase an unprecedented selection of officially licensed Peanuts merchandise. Use pull down menu to search for other characters.

New Sites on the Web from Week of September 29, 2003

  1. BuddyLine - A New Jersey based communications company that uses its VoIM technology, integrated USB phones and SIP backbone network to deliver service and advanced features not ordinarily available to telephone customers. BuddyLine was founded by a group of IP telephony visionaries to fulfill the market need for enhanced Instant Messaging, integrated Voice Communications and inexpensive high quality communications.
  2. EatTurkey.com - For home chefs looking for holiday menu inspiration and advice, the National Turkey Federation's (NTF) Web site offers its 2003 How To Guide for Thanksgiving. The guide details everything from purchasing to preparation to pointers for leftovers. It is designed to serve as a comprehensive instructional and recipe manual for the holidays.
  3. CrazyGrazer.com - A brand new customer-friendly online shopping mall, where customers can buy virtually anything they are looking for, in an environment that delivers a buying experience consistent with their favorite mall or specialty store. Approximately 20,000 products are currently available on the site.
  4. Gamer.tv - Combines television and the Internet -- the world's two strongest communication mediums, to deliver a dedicated one-stop online gaming resource as well as compelling and entertaining TV video game programs. Gamer.tv has a total of six video game-related programs in production, including a weekly magazine show. Its programs are broadcast to over 300 million households worldwide.
  5. breastcancer.org - Helps women and their loved ones make sense of the complex medical and personal information about breast cancer so they can make the best decisions for their lives. Empowers women to communicate with their doctors and take an active part in their treatment. Offers reliable, complete and up-to-date medical information as well as a vibrant online community that includes discussion boards and weekly online chats with leading breast cancer experts.
  6. TrivialPursuit.com - The magic of the Trivial Pursuit(R) board game has been recreated for online game play. The site features entertainment for Trivial Pursuit(R) board game experts and novices with sample games and the latest news about forthcoming Trivial Pursuit(R) board games; original, online multi-player games for head-to-head action in classic and new online edition games; and tournaments for fun and cash prizes.
  7. Hiring Machine - A comprehensive hiring solution that enables employers to hire the best candidates faster at a fraction of the cost. The Hiring Machine's integrated suite of applications includes everything a Human Resources professional needs from requisition development to job offer letter generation and everything in-between. The system contains groundbreaking resume analysis technology that ensures a candidate's resume is considered, and is easily integrated with all HR management systems.
  8. America Hears - Helps people obtain and use high-quality digital hearing aids more easily, and for lower cost. America Hears makes advanced digital hearing instruments available straight from the manufacturer via the Internet or telephone. Using audiologist-created downloads, America Hears hearing aids can easily be programmed and adjusted over the Internet. The company also offers full programming and adjustment services via express mail.
  9. Musicmatch - A new Internet music service that offers some of the most liberal song-usage rights yet for customers in the Windows personal-computer market. Musicmatch is selling songs for 99 cents a track and most albums for $9.99, with a broad collection from major labels and without the monthly subscription fees of other services. Once users download the songs to their PCs, they can transfer the tracks to an unlimited number of CDs and portable music players, and store the songs on as many as three PCs simultaneously.

New Sites on the Web from Week of September 22, 2003

  1. Winebuys - The first retailer of its kind to offer everyday discounts of 30 to 60 percent on its entire inventory of fine wines. The company's site provides both serious and casual wine drinkers with high-quality wine selections and helpful information, in a friendly, accessible, and amusing manner.
  2. Bluefly - Bluefly, has an online store where fashion savvy customers can find more than 350 designer men's and women's apparel, accessory and home brands at discounts up to 75% off suggested retail prices, has redesigned it's Web site. Not only does its new Web site present a cleaner look and more intuitive navigation, it provides features that make shopping fast and easy.
  3. Melissa Data - Offers a free Internet-based search tool for looking up Zip-City-Phone, Phone Numbers, and U.S. Addresses. The search tools work by allowing input of variations of street names, area codes, partial or whole telephone numbers, or ZIP codes. The data returned by Melissa Data enables users to verify mailing addresses, update phone numbers, and access the latest demographic data on states, cities and counties.
  4. Weather Classroom - A new educational Web site developed specifically for teachers, parents and students. The site, developed to support the company's ongoing affiliation with Cable in the Classroom, the cable industry's education foundation, features three distinctive sections: For Teachers, For Parents and For Students. Teachers will now be able to easily locate and print comprehensive lesson plans to supplement each episode. Teachers can search for appropriate plans by grade level, subject area, program title, topic or keyword. Students who are interested in the weather will have the opportunity to develop their own interactive forecasts.
  5. Smugmug - A new online community for friends and family to easily share their priceless pictures and videos on the Web. Smugmug centers on sharing, providing an elegant and complete environment to bring loved ones, friends and family closer together. Smugmug.com offers an unmatched experience combined with fully customizable, style-driven galleries to give users the ability to instantly build, tailor and update their personalized albums with ease.
  6. Sportsrus.com - Toysrus.com, a leading retailer of children's products on the Internet, today introduced a new sporting goods e-commerce site, Sportsrus.com. Sportsrus.com will offer something for the entire family -- all in one easy and convenient location. The site will carry over 30,000 items ranging from authentic sporting goods to apparel, games, footwear, fitness equipment, collectibles, and many other categories. Moms and Dads can also find a full line of adult sports equipment with nearly 1,000 top brands to choose from.
  7. New York City Police Foundation - The official online store of the New York City Police Department -- the only authorized internet outlet dedicated to the sale of licensed merchandise bearing the trademarks of the NYPD. NYPD Online will feature everything from hats and tee shirts to kids gear and collectibles, all bearing the NYPD logo. NYPD Online purchases will assist the NYPD meet the twin challenges of fighting crime and defending New York City from global terror.
  8. Lycos Entertainment Top 50 Video Views - Terra Lycos announced the launch of its new Lycos Entertainment Top 50 Video Views now available on Lycos Entertainment TV. The new list keeps users plugged into the entertainment scene with a look at the most streamed, most popular movie trailers, music videos, celebrity interviews, animated short features and extreme sports videos.

New Sites on the Web from Week of September 15, 2003

  1. All About Vision - A one-stop, independent resource providing consumers with more than 500 pages of trustworthy information on eye health and vision correction options.
  2. Internet Video Magazine - Guide to finding the best videos and movies on the Internet. Find the top 10 free music video sites for 2003.
  3. DairyDaily - Source of business and technical information for the worldwide dairy industry.
  4. irun - Affordable website builder specifically designed to meet the needs and demands for small- and medium-sized business website development. irun enables non-technical people to not only build, but also manage a premium quality website complete with high-end design, hosting, Email (and Webmail), powerful web editing tools, detailed traffic reports, marketing tools and secure E-commerce.
  5. San Jacinto Monument and Museum - The San Jacinto monument, a short drive from downtown Houston, is the site of the final battle for Texas independence. The new site features improved content and information architecture, as well as online membership application, an online gift shop and unprecedented access to the facility's collections. It also offers enhanced functionality such as the ability to browse through museum artifacts online.
  6. Rubbermaid Tough Tools - Rubbermaid Tough Tools are high quality, durable and affordable tools uniquely designed for everyday projects. The Rubbermaid Tough Tools line features comfortable grips, a lightweight feel and a lifetime guarantee, all for an affordable price. Through the website, consumers can research available products in the line such as hammers, wrenches, tape measures, as well as a picture hanging kit, a socket wrench kit and a deluxe portable tool kit.

  7. GreenCine - An online DVD rental service specializing in Independent, International, Documentary and Classic films (in addition to Hollywood titles). GREENCINE offers people who are interested in film as both entertainment and education access to the widest variety of films -- with no late fees. Now offers on-demand broadband movie service from a rental-by-mail company.

New Sites on the Web from Week of September 2, 2003

  1. AmericanFlags.com - The Web site will immediately begin offering visitors free American Flags in honor of 9/11. The site -- known as the web's premier provider of flags and patriotic products -- expects to give away more than 20,000 free flags across the United States to mark the anniversary of 9/11.
  2. Gamer.tv - Gamer.tv has launched Gamer.tv Plus!, a premium online content service offering a wealth of exclusive features aimed at the mass gaming market. Gamer.tv Plus! offers members early access to online video previews, reviews and features drawn from its vast editorial output. The content channel also includes excerpts from a stable of worldwide TV shows, an array of cutting-edge browser games and a thriving gaming community. For a limited period of three months, Gamer.tv Plus! is offering a one-month free trial subscription for those interested in sampling all of the new features.
  3. InfoSpace - InfoSpace.com unveiled a major renovation designed to establish the site as a leading destination for Internet yellow pages and white pages information. The new site was built from the ground up with end users in mind and seeks to make it as fast and easy as possible to locate and research businesses and to find people.
  4. VolunteerMatch - A nonprofit web service that simplifies the process of finding and getting involved in volunteer opportunities throughout the United States. Potential volunteers enter their ZIP code on the volunteer home page at www.volunteermatch.org to receive an up-to-date listing of local volunteer opportunities, all of which are posted by local and national volunteer organizations.
  5. Request-A-Song.com - Starting this week, site visitors will be able to download a new, original song in MP3 format every Wednesday. The new program is intended to bring a weekly listening audience to Request-A-Song by providing new content on a regular, predictable basis. Request-A-Song artists write and record new, original songs based on website visitor suggestions then publish them online in MP3 format.
  6. TeacherVision - The Internet site used by one-third of the nation's preK-12 teachers and by half of all teachers online, is celebrating its fourth anniversary with the introduction of Books On The Run. A library of over 100, inexpensive, downloadable books for all reading ability levels, Books On The Run are filled with lessons, activities and teacher aids.

New Sites on the Web from Week of September 2, 2003

  1. Coollawyer - Designed with optimal usability for ease of navigation through the main sections: business and technology forms, online incorporation services and the library with over 100 pages of content and news on business and technology law topics.
  2. Insure.com - An online consumer insurance information service which caters to self-directed insurance shoppers. Visitors to Insure.com can obtain comparative auto, life & health quotes from more than 300 leading companies and have the freedom to buy insurance from the company of their choice. The Company also provides helpful insurance decision-making tools and calculators and supports an online library of more than 3,000 originally authored insurance articles that are not available from any other single source.
  3. Skype - Skype is the next phenomenon from the people who brought you KaZaA. Just like KaZaA, Skype uses P2P (peer-to-peer) technology to connect you to other users – not to share files this time, but to talk for free with your friends.

New Sites on the Web from Week of August 25, 2003

  1. Traders Nation - Known to be the largest syndicated live radio talk show for smallcap stocks, has re-engineered its Web site to add financial video news content, making TradersNation.com the first broadcasting company to encompass the full range of media information products for smallcap investors.
  2. Monstermoving.com - The Monstermoving.com Utility Connection Center provides a free and convenient way to set-up or transfer utilities including local, long distance and wireless phone service; cable and satellite television; Internet services; gas and electric. Packaging vital home connections into a single, easy to use online tool, Monstermoving is helping people on the move more efficiently manage an otherwise time-consuming process.
  3. Zap2it - An entertainment destination site to provide local TV program listings, movie showtimes, national entertainment-focused news and editorial, and online event information in one convenient location.
  4. The Washington, DC Martin Luther King, Jr. National Memorial Project - In honor of the 40th anniversary of the historic March on Washington, The Washington, DC Martin Luther King, Jr. National Memorial Project Foundation, Inc. and Yahoo! have teamed up to provide archival video footage of Dr. King's "I have a dream" speech. The Foundation also announced an online effort with Yahoo! Inc. to raise awareness and funds for the Washington, DC Martin Luther King, Jr. National Memorial.
  5. Red Nova - Web site specifically designed for science, space and technology enthusiasts to access news and information and share ideas.
  6. Agile Messenger - An Instant Messenger for your mobile telephone. Agile Messenger supports the four most popular instant messaging services: ICQ®, AOL®, Yahoo!® and MSN®. And it's free and there are NO bannners or ads! Currently available for Nokia 7650, 3650 and the Ericsson P800.
  7. Trade In! Trade Up! - The Trade In! Trade Up! Program gives golfers the opportunity to trade in their used Callaway Golf(R) clubs at all authorized Callaway Golf retailers for credit toward the purchase of new Callaway Golf equipment. Consumers are encouraged to log onto the Web site to learn more about the program and find participating retailers.
  8. Amber-Wav - A phone to email messaging service - this unique communication tool allows anyone to send a voice email from anywhere, anytime without a computer. Imagine picking up any phone, leaving a message, and immediately sending your voice to an email address. You won't have to wait to log on to a computer to send a typed email.
  9. UniversityMoves.com - Available nationally and is powered by the Qcorps Resident Connection Service Network of service providers. Available services vary by location and include: local and long distance telephone service, cable and satellite television, Internet access, renters insurance, newspaper delivery, moving services, furniture and appliance rental, and even change of address forms.
  10. Care MIS - With information for both patients and surgeons, the website is an excellent resource for anyone interested in minimally invasive joint replacement. For patients, the website explains the potential advantages of minimally invasive surgery, covers MIS technologies for both hip and knee replacement and includes downloadable patient education booklets. For surgeons, the website includes detailed product information, clinical results, downloadable surgical techniques and an up-to-the-minute calendar of MIS educational courses.
  11. SantaSweets.com - Santa Sweets are the exclusive variety grown from the first generation of the original grape tomato seed. This web site is your resource for valuable information on grape tomatoes including a summary of the many health benefits in each juicy bite, easy to prepare recipes, an overview of our quality growing practices and so much more.

New Sites on the Web from Week of August 18, 2003

  1. RemodelingAdvice.com - A place to easily find advice and answers to all the questions about remodeling needs. Whether it's what paint to choose for which surface, budgeting and estimating the cost of adding a deck, or how to find a reliable contractor, RemodelingAdvice.com has the answers.
  2. BrainPOP - A producer of Math, Science, and English educational animated movies for K-12. Building on the proven track record of its movies, BrainPOP has turned its expertise to history and current events, giving new life to the past, and exploring the events of the present. Social Studies topics include The 13 Colonies, The Civil War, The Great Depression, US Armed Forces, Presidential Power, and many others. BrainPOP Social Studies movies correlate to the National Standards for Middle School.
  3. Turner Classic Movies - Summer Under the Stars - Running throughout the month of August, TCM's "Summer Under the Stars" promotion features a full day and evening of the most-loved films of each of 31 screen legends. A first for the cable channel, the special programming gives classic film buffs the opportunity to thoroughly immerse themselves in the films of their favorite stars. The site spotlights a different movie star each day of the month. In-depth biographies, film clips, and commentaries give site visitors an inside glimpse into each star's life and times.
  4. Friendster - Friendster is an online community that connects people through networks of friends for dating or making new friends. Create your own personal and private community, where you can interact with people who are connected to you through networks of mutual friends.
  5. TheFeature - Nokia's TheFeature is the mobile Internet industry's premier thinking space, where industry professionals gather to learn about and discuss issues affecting the industry and share their visions of a mobile future. This relaunched site will feature weblogs from its top contributors, allowing them to share their thoughts on the latest happenings in the industry on an immediate and continual basis.
  6. SecurityPipeline.com - A topically focused content site from CMP Media's TechWeb Network targeted at IT professionals, managers, and executives interested in information in the area of computer security technology. The site provides visitors with quick and easy access to information that keeps IT professionals on top of fast-changing security technology.
  7. Nursing Spectrum - The new International section, developed by The International Council of Nurses (ICN) and Nursing Spectrum, provides a forum where nurses can discuss these issues online; access current news; obtain information on global professional issues; find resources for international employment and volunteering; obtain international continuing education, and access an international calendar of nursing events.

New Sites on the Web from Week of August 11, 2003

  1. Cardinal Laboratories - The massive blackout on the US electric grid was captured in real-time by the I-Grid, a nationwide power grid monitoring system. To track the areas of the electric grid that are still down and those that are back up, go to www.i-grid.com , register (for free), and view the I-Grid US map and event log.
  2. Meetup - The site features a seven-step guide to choosing the right groomer for your dog. A fun "Groomer Profile Test" helps determine a dog's personality type, to match him with the type of groomer and facility that best suits his particular needs.
  3. Meetup - Meetups are free, monthly events that take place at cafes, restaurants, bowling alleys, bars, and other local establishments everywhere. People connect in the real world on over 1,600 topics in over 586 cities and towns spanning 43 countries around the globe. People have found that it is simple and free to sign up for a Meetup. Simply find your topic of interest at Meetup.com, choose your preferred location, and enter your email address for updates. If 5 or more people in your region are also interested in a Meetup about the topic, then the Meetup is on -- the next step is to just show up and Meetup.
  4. Rapsheets - Performs millions of criminal records searches each year through its Internet site, server-to- server gateways and other sophisticated technologies. Its National Criminal Index file includes more than 150 million records from 110 government sources, including courts, departments of corrections, probation agencies, law enforcement agencies and sex offender registries.
  5. GM PhotoStore - The official online photo source for images from the world's largest vehicle manufacturer. The web site houses vehicle photos from Cadillac, Buick, Oldsmobile, Pontiac, Chevrolet, GMC, Hummer, and Saturn. The GM PhotoStore enables millions of automotive enthusiasts worldwide to view and purchase high-quality, contemporary and historical prints of GM automotive photography and illustrations online.
  6. Schwarzenegger.com - Read about the actor, his life, latest news, and movies.
  7. CU Match Up - The Web site links consumers who are looking for the member benefits credit unions offer, with a list of credit unions they may be eligible to join. Consumers can also perform a simple search based on their city, county, ZIP code, employer, occupation, school or employer's location.

New Sites on the Web from Week of August 4, 2003

  1. SIPphone - Purchase a SIPphone and be able to make free, worldwide phone calls using the world's first affordable plug-n-play Internet phone. SIPphone is now selling a low cost SIP-based phone which plugs into a broadband Internet connection and can send and receive voice calls to any other SIP phone. SIP phone users can dial friends and co-workers locally or located around the globe with no per-minute charges or monthly fees.
  2. AT&T Software Store - Announced a national trial that will link Internet users with one of the world's largest digital software libraries, making it a snap for consumers and small business owners to browse and buy from among 41,000 software titles at one convenient website from a company they know and trust.
  3. Gold Online Profit Guide - An online information center designed to help retailers learn about the latest developments in gold jewelry and to provide key insights on ways to increase sales of gold merchandise. The site utilizes the latest interactive technology to deliver information to the trade, and marks the first time that such a marketing vehicle has been used in the jewelry industry.
  4. Lulu - Authors, publishers, and musicians can publish and sell their work instantly on Lulu without paying a cent. Maintain control over your own work and get a customizable storefront and keep 80% of royalties. Lulu will handle e-commerce, printing and shipping.
  5. Freaky Friday - The premiere of Freaky Friday debuts on August 6 about a single Mom (Jamie Lee Curtis) and her fifteen-year old daughter, Anna. View a preview of the movie and listen to the soundtrack.
  6. Asphalt Roofing Manufacturers Association - The website promises to entice viewers by showcasing the performance side of asphalt roofing, as well as its designer looks and applications. You'll discover everything there is to know about steep-slope and low-slope asphalt roofing. You'll learn why asphalt has been the most popular roofing material for the past 100 years. And why asphalt roofing continues to be number one.

New Sites on the Web from Week of July 28, 2003

  1. iMatchup.com - A community of singles where people can be themselves and connect in a safe, secure, fun and exciting environment. Users begin by posting a profile on the site that can feature a photo, detailed background info and an essay. They can then exchange emails with over one million other members and progress to face-to-face interaction either in person or via a live video chat room.
  2. Chargeback Bureau - A database of negative information about customers who have a history of chargebacks, refunds, or fraudulent orders. The company can also give merchants the location of the IP address from which an order is made so that it can be compared with the billing address.
  3. RentalsExpress.com - The vacation rental database contains information on thousands of vacation rental properties throughout the world; so instead of searching through travel brochures and dealing with agents, those interested in rental properties can use the new RentalsExpress.com Keyword Search module. Type in any word or phrase pertaining to location, property type, date availability, budget, number of occupants, amenities, or activities, and this fast and friendly search tool will find all properties that match the criteria.
  4. FriendFinder.com - Operates a network of 14 dating and relationship sites with an active membership in excess of 15 million. The re-designed site breaks new ground by becoming the first online dating destination to combine the reach of a truly global community with the intimacy of a personal social network. As a result, members can choose to search among FriendFinder.com's millions of members worldwide, or browse among their friends, acquaintances, co-workers and neighbors.
  5. BusinessSecurityTips.com - An important resource for businesses large and small to use when examining ways to improve their security. The continuing threat of terrorism at home has made it essential for companies to have a reliable security infrastructure to protect employees and customers. The goal of the Web site is to become a reliable resource of information sharing for the private sector by featuring extensive online resources and a tour of a simulated business facility.
  6. WomensWallStreet.com - This site is a dynamic resource for trustworthy, objective financial information. The site has harnessed the expertise of several of the nation's leading female financial advisors, creating a unique online destination that empowers women with the knowledge and confidence they need to make smart, informed financial decisions and to better manage their money.

New Sites on the Web from Week of July 21, 2003

  1. Handango - Provider of software for your phone or PDA including ringtones and graphics for your phone.
  2. PestPatrol - A developer of security software to detect and eliminate spyware, adware, trojans and hacker tools from corporate networks and home user PCs. Launched the first comprehensive online spyware detection service called PestScan that is a free online spyware detector that gives your PC a quick checkup for pests in key system areas.
  3. American Society of Plastic Surgeons - Take the multimedia aspects of the Web, the personal connection of the blog, and the social dynamics of instant messaging. Add some art theory and business strategy, and mix well. The New York-based company began distributing a test version of its Internet software, which combines familiar Internet conventions and novel ideas with an eye toward changing the way people communicate and connect over the Web.
  4. Netomat - The world's largest and most influential plastic surgery association, representing more than 5000 member surgeons. Founded in l93l, the society is composed of board-certified plastic surgeons who perform cosmetic and reconstructive surgery. This web site provides public education about plastic surgery. This site includes news on the latest advances and techniques to details of specific surgical procedures, including how to prepare for surgery, the types of anesthesia used and how long recovery takes. Look for answers to the most frequently asked questions about plastic surgery and statistics, including the average costs of various procedures.
  5. BuyMusic.com - Offers approximately 300,000 songs for download in all categories of music from Top Ten to rare independents. And if you’re looking for something to listen to your music on, the site sells many of the best brands of personal audio electronics that are available. BuyMusic is charging between 70 cents and $1.29 for individual song downloads.
  6. Cake & Candle Music - This Web site produces children's personalized music mastered in-studio to any child's name. These custom-made songs -- marking birthdays or other special occasions -- repeat the child's name throughout the recording.
  7. WineBid.com - Since 1996 WineBid.com has been dedicated to using the advantages of the Internet to provide a global market for buyers and sellers of fine and rare wine. Site enhancements include a new search engine, faster navigation, easier search by appellation, vintage, price, and buyer's summary page to keep track of bidding activity.

New Sites on the Web from Week of July 14, 2003

  1. GiftAnimals.com - A large resource for animal-themed gifts - animal lovers will find thousands of handmade creations ranging from specific-breed dog, cat, and horse collectibles handmade by master craftsmen in Africa, Asia, and Latin America, to farm-animal finger puppets, to wrought-iron animal-themed welcome signs, to exquisite animal tea sets and jewelry, to endangered species artwork depicting a vast array of exotic animals.
  2. Ultimate Arena - Web site where multiplayer online gamers can create their own tournaments for cash prizes. Announced the addition of award-winning and top-selling Unreal Tournament and Unreal Tournament 2003 to its site. At Ultimate Arena, online gamers can create their own tournaments for cash prizes. Players fund their accounts with a credit card or PayPal, select a supported game, choose desired game settings, and pay a tournament entry fee as low as 50 cents.
  3. ForSingleParents.com - An Internet site that helps struggling Single Parents. The site focuses on the true basics: Housing & Roommates, Childcare Exchanges, and Friendship and Dating.
  4. Tax Brain Online Tax Center - A full service online tax center providing tax advice, tools, and resources all year to help taxpayers manage their tax burden with greater confidence and ease. TaxBrain is the only web-based tax solution that delivers online preparation, filing, professional assistance and representation for taxpayers in all 50 states. Also enables taxpayers awaiting new IRS tax rebates to maximize take-home pay, and plan next year's refund.
  5. MyHealthTestReminder.com - The College of American Pathologists launched a new blood glucose screening test reminder on its free bilingual Web site for the detection of Diabetes. After logging onto the site, you will then automatically be sent a private e-mail reminder on the requested date. A reminder that is necessary because many people haven't been screened and aren't even aware they have diabetes.

New Sites on the Web from Week of July 7, 2003

  1. AccessMedicine.com - By clicking on the SARS link in the Resource Center, visitors will have complimentary access to relevant chapters and updates from the 15th Edition of Harrison's Principles of Internal Medicine, the world's most prestigious medical reference, and AccessLange. In addition, there are links to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, the World Health Organization, MEDLINEplus, and other key resources.
  2. Chat the Planet - NextNext Entertainment (New York) and Rapid Blue (South Africa), both leaders in youth related programming, announced that they will launch "Chat the Planet," a groundbreaking weekly television series that links young people around the world via digital conferencing technology. The series will launch on July 16 on WorldLink TV, the only national network providing Americans a global perspective on world issues and cultures. "Chat the Planet" connects young people from around the world, giving them an opportunity to communicate and share their perspectives and opinions on the issues they care about, from war to pop culture.
  3. SadGeezer - The SadGeezers Guide is a non-profit organization for the cult TV SciFi online community.
  4. Vibe Phone - A new video communications product that allows consumers to conduct live, real-time video calls from their PCs, combined with picture sharing and easily applied graphics effects. The new product, Vibe Phone, allows anyone with a PC webcam and broadband access via cable or DSL modem the ability to communicate face to face from their PC with a few clicks.
  5. PumpMaster.com - Takes advantage of the Internet by bringing together pump manufacturers, distributors, and buyers to streamline the pump selection process. The PumpMaster Community offers manufacturers the ability to keep their pump specifications up-to-date in an online database, while pump seekers have access to the latest data to accurately and cost effectively select the best pumps for their projects. PumpMaster.com also provides users the opportunity to query the database and view results of pump performance curves that match their specific criteria.

New Sites on the Web from Week of June 30, 2003

  1. Motown Historical Museum - The museum exhibits trace the roots of Motown’s remarkable story and chronicle its impact on 20th century popular culture and musical styles. This museum exhibit also is a telling representation of the growth of Motown from a small startup business begun in 1959 to what became by the mid-70s the largest independent record company in the world.
  2. Brookbend Outdoor Furniture - Teak patio sets in warm, flawless cedar. Distinctive pool or deck storage combines with seating collections.
  3. Natural Resources Defense Council (NRDC) - The nation's most effective environmental action organization. Uses law, science, and the support of more than 1 million members and online activists to protect the planet's wildlife an wild places and to enure a safe and healthy environment for all living things.

New Sites on the Web from Week of June 16, 2003

  1. Livingwithit.org - Designed to provide support and information for women with recurrent breast cancer. Also includes support for women with early stage disease and also has launched a Web site for people living with lung cancer. The Web site features evolving and expanding information pages, survivor stories, links to other resources and an interactive diary. A Spanish-language version of the Web site is also available.
  2. anyTime photo - Web site for sharing and printing digital photos and custom gifts. Emphasizes ease-of-use and competitive pricing for managing and purchasing digital photo memories. anyTime photo offers a wide range of products from Share Books(TM) (online scrapbooks) to custom calendars, cards, and photo gifts like T-shirts, mouse pads, photo coasters, and coffee mugs. Included is an array of print options and sizes (matte or glossy, wallets to 20-by-30 inch), and up to 50 MB of free photo storage.
  3. myPhoneFiles.com - Here you can find all the tools necessary to fully personalize your 3G color phone. Create your personal wireless web space to upload your own private photos or browse and download content from the public areas. Offers free Napster-like access to content that users can add to their cellphones. Lists dozens of songs and images that can be sent wirelessly to a user's cellphone.
  4. The Fund for Animals - The Fund for Animals is a national animal protection organization with more than 200,000 members and supporters. You will find fundraising advice and a how-to guide for animal protection groups and shelters. Also available are fact sheets and free advice for homeowners who want humane and effective solutions to common wildlife problems.
  5. Bid4Assets - An online auction site where serious buyers and sellers meet to find high-end assets from government, non-profits and private industry. Help clients by providing customized solutions such as online, webcast and traditional auctions, as well as Storefronts and Private Auction Exchanges. Bid4Assets focuses on high-end assets, selling real estate, personal property, financial instruments and bankruptcy claims to a worldwide network of buyers.

New Sites on the Web from Week of June 8, 2003

  1. MyRatePlan.com - A developer of unbiased rate plan analysis software and content that makes it easier for consumers to research and select among online service providers in a variety of industries, including wireless, long distance, satellite television, credit cards, travel and Internet access. Also introduces PhoneFinder(SM) which is an unbiased resource for the evaluation of cell phones, calling plans, and other services.
  2. Infectious Disease Center at MayoClinic.com - You'll get the basics about infectious diseases and what causes them. You'll also learn how to take control and protect yourself and your family from infectious diseases.
  3. Zkid Network Company - A proprietary software company dedicated to providing a totally safe Internet environment for children. ZKid's product provides safe Internet, e-mail and chat room capabilities as well as fully animated, original, educational entertainment content for children ages 4-10.
  4. eDeal.net - eDeal.net, Inc. is an online destination for consumers and automotive professionals for information on all makes of cars and trucks. eDeal provides a venue to buy and sell pre-owned vehicles; how to buy the right used vehicle and how to sell a used vehicle.
  5. iPLUGiN - iPLUGiN is a network including a website, events and television show that feature the next big names in art, music, film and fashion for a membership of over 300,000 young urban readers, viewers and event goers. There is also a place where emerging artists are invited to submit their work for a showcase spot on the site and publication.

New Sites on the Web from Week of June 2, 2003

  1. Princess - Princess is known for offering choice and customization to passengers aboard its ships, and now this commitment has just gotten stronger with the debut of its newly designed web site, which was enhanced to help guide first-time cruisers in particular, through the cruise vacation decision and buying process.
  2. Compiere - Compiere is Open Source ERP software application with integrated CRM software solutions for small to medium sized businesses in Distribution and Service, and is designed for the global marketplace. This invaluable business application is easy to install and implement and it is free.
  3. The Kidney Show - A revolutionary bilingual game designed to entertain and inspire renal health patients, their friends and families. The Kidney Show features three unique stages: The Diet, Dialysis Room, and Red Blood Cells, each enabling players to interact with challenges that kidney health patients face regularly.

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