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  • America's Beginnings: The Real Story! - A review of America's divine origins with a focus on women's rights, native american indians, and slavery issues during the American Revolution.
  • Berlin Wall, Past and Present - A site created for a school project, now a resource on the building, effects, and fall of the Berlin Wall.
  • BostonFamilyHistory.com - Online research assistance to the estimated one in six Americans whose ancestors emigrated through or settled in Boston over the last four centuries; includes maps, demographic information, and links to libraries, archives, religious organizations, and ethnic associations.
  • History Channel - Learn what happened in history on your birthday; play "Incredible But True" to test your skills at distinguishing fact from falsehood; listen to featured speeches on politics and government, science and technology; choose a decade and learn historical happenings in that time period.
  • History Channel - Traveler - Search historic sites; browse through historic hotels and bed and breakfasts to find lodging; walking and driving itineraries through historic sites.
  • Propaganda Postcards of the Great War - Propaganda postcards on all facets of World War 1 (the Great War) from all the warring countries. Including so called mocking cards from these nations, with historical background.