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  • Boating.com - All-purpose boating Web site in North America; designed to be both the Daily Newspaper and Yellow Pages of the boating and fishing industries; free classifieds; online store.
  • BoatSmartUSA.com - Sells powerboats, sailboats and personal watercraft direct to the consumer; enables the prospective buyer to purchase most makes and models for as low as 1% over factory invoice.
  • ShipShark - Vessels for sale - with commercial boats, used powerboats, used sailboats, and marinas all for sale; purchase nautical software.
  • YouBuyJaws.com - A recreational portal; save on leading brands of watercraft, all-terrain vehicles, yachts, motorcycles, and accessories; international distributor of marine and recreational products; also selling direct from their own warehouses.
  • Xpress Boats - Website of the original, all-welded, hunting, fishing, and sport boat company. Find dealers, boat information and specifics, current promotions, and contact information.