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  • Beeper for a Buck - A new $1 pager program; offers new pagers and contracts for pager service via online electronic purchase on the Internet. Customers will be able to purchase the pager, sign on for monthly air time service, pay by credit or debit card and have the pager delivered "active" to their homes or offices by courier service.
  • CellMania.com - Allows consumers to shop for cellular phones, accessories, and service plans online; offers unbiased comparisons of cellular options; offer more than 10,000 service plans covering 90 percent of the nation and more than 35 carriers; will also offer content options (e-mail, stock quotes, etc.) for purchasers.
  • ephones - An Internet wireless portal offering a complete range of wireless products and services online including cellular and PCS phones, pagers, cellular modems, wireless data, PDAs, long distance and information services; also offers a complete selection of wireless carriers nationwide.
  • Executive Communication Solutions - Telecommunications company that buys and sells all brands of telephone systems, parts and components.
  • telstreet.com - Offers a seamless shopping experience where shoppers can compare wireless products and services, place orders and receive ready-to-use phones shipped free to their door from one location.